…and then Lee Trevino hit a hole-in-one!!!

So this week I’m in Augusta, GA working the CBS internet coverage of Amen Corner. This is my 4th year and it is one of my favorite events to work. I see many friends and we work a prestigious event and life is all good. As long as the weather cooperates, that is. So far it has been beautiful! And on Wednesday, the Par 3 Challenge was happening so I thought I would go snap some pictures.

I knew Jack Nicklaus & Arnold Palmer were paired up and wanted to see if I could get some shots. Earlier in the day I had seen Palmer on the driving range, but there is a spot near a scoreboard on the small Par 3 course where I could get really close to them as they rounded the bin to get to the 9th green. So I took my trusty camera out and parked underneath the warm Georgia sun.

Arnie on the range


The only problem with this location is I can’t see the tee box. So I have no idea who is hitting off the tee. So I see the first ball land off the side of the green into the water (plunk). I see the second shot land in the sand (biff). And then a third shot lands on the upper part of the green, rolls down and lands IN THE HOLE!!! Holy CRAP! Someone just hit a hole-in-one and I got to see it (albeit from a distance, but still!). Everyone is shouting out Arnold Palmer’s name, so I thought Arnie had hit the HIO! So I waited and then a couple more shots hit the green and it becomes obvious that now they are just goofing around. Not knowing WHO hit the HIO, I waited until the 3 golfers came by, I took several great pictures of each of them, first Gary Player, then Jack Nicklaus (damn camera freaked out so I only got 1 of Jack) and then Arnie came last.

Gary Player

Jack Nicklaus

Arnold Palmer

So awesome! And I was so excited that I ran back to my workplace (a truck) and told everyone what I saw!

Well…our spotter (the guy who keeps track of all the golfers on the field) was in there and once I proclaimed what I had just seen, he calmly says’ “That wasn’t a hole in one. It was Lee Trevino’s 3rd shot.”

Well crap. And here I thought I had seen Arnold Palmer get a hole-in-one and it wasn’t him AND it wasn’t really a hole in one! So I get on my Facebook page and update my status to say…

I just saw Lee Trevino hit a hole-in-three at the Par 3 Challenge at Augusta!

So that’s that…right?

Nope. because Lee Trevino ISN’T AT AUGUSTA! It was Gary Player who had hit the HI3. But in my excitement, I wasn’t even thinking about WHO had made the shot. I was just disappointed that it wasn’t Palmer. So now all these friends of mine who are golf fans start ribbing me about WHO made the shot! And it carried over until the next day…and will probably continue today. But it was all in good fun…and I DID get some great shots of 3 of the greatest players of all time!  🙂


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5 Responses to …and then Lee Trevino hit a hole-in-one!!!

  1. Awesome!

    We do golf course irrigation and were working on a Greg Norman course. He came to the sight one day and our dog was there. Apparently, Greg is a dog person. She went running up to him, got petted, and proceeded to jump up on him, leaving her muddy paw prints on his pants!

  2. The picture with the corn-fused look is hilarious! Good set-up and shot! Hahaha… Trevino, that made my day!

  3. kat says:

    tee hee, you’re funny with your duh? huh? look!!

  4. Amber says:

    Yeah, your weekend was way better than mine. Love You!!!

  5. Very Cool !!! Happy Easter to you and your family !!!

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