Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom


Not a lot of time. Disney bus leaves for the airport at 2pm for a 5pm flight, but we have to check out at 11am and we have a few hours to blow. So…let’s go to Animal Kingdom! Basically a large zoo, Steph & I figure we can have a little fun before we go…so we’re off!


Immediately we have a 30 minute wait for the bus. What is up with the Disney transportation system? Anyway, we get there and now we have 2.5 hours. Then we decide we’re gonna ride the Harambe Safari. So that’s at the other end of the park…so we walk and that’s another 30 minutes after getting through security and then bathroom stops and then we get to the line. Then it’s another 30 minute wait in line. And then the ride itself is about 15 minutes. But what a cool ride it is! Here are a few photos…

Frank was our guide!

Theres gators in them there waters!

A really cool tree

Pretty flamingos


About midway through the ride, something AMAZING happened! We were cruising along looking at monkeys & gazelles when we came upon a clearing with giraffes. As we pulled closer, one of the long necks decided to get a closer look! Check THIS out!







And that was pretty much our adventure at Animal Kingdom. Once we got off the Safari, we grabbed some cinnamon pecans, stopped in a shop, the kids played some African instruments…


but then it was a sprint back to the bus and off to the airport! But what a crazy 4 days at Walt Disney World!!! Can’t wait for the next visit! Or…maybe I can?

Nah….I’d go back in a heartbeat…


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3 Responses to Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom

  1. mom says:

    I thought Christopher ws wearing a HEADDRESS!!! Good thing I’m getting my new lenses this week. I don’t know if Animal Kingdom was there when you were small. I do know we took you all to Busch Gardens. I liked that really well. Good pictures, great memories. Love…….mom

  2. mandy says:

    I remember when we went to Animal Kingdom our kids were really into dinosaurs, but they were too small for the dino ride. They were so bummed!

    That safari ride was cool though, although I don’t remember getting to have any close encounters of the giraffe kind. You should definately take the kids to the Wilds when you are in town next summer! Alarik loves that place.

  3. heather says:

    Awww. I hate it when they are so busy. This time of the year is bad though, everybody goes on spring break. Thanksgiving was bad too, but we took advantage of the extra hours each day, since we stayed on the property, and planned which day we went to each park based on who had early/late hours that day. Christmas is supposed to be the absolute worst time to go though.

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