Konversation With Kids: It DOES Stink!

Last night for dinner, my wife made pork roast, sweet potatos, salad and asparagus for dinner, which promptly sparked a discussion on how it makes your pee stink. This, of course cracked up my son, who now automatically laughs at anything that has to do with pee, farts, butts or weenies.  So this morning, Christopher came downstairs to get ready for school. He went to the bathroom as I went to get the morning paper (yes…I am SO old school…) and afterwards, it went a little something like this…

Christopher: *giggling to himself as I walk into the kitchen*

Me: “What are you laughing about, silly dude?”

Christopher: “Oh….nothing…”

Me: “What did you do? Did you fart?”

Christopher: “No…but something like that…”

Me: “Ooookay…”

So I pour me a glass of coffee and go to get him a bowl for cereal…

Christopher: “Guess what?

Me: “What?”

Christopher: “It’s true.”

Me: “What’s true?” (as I take a sip of coffee)

Christopher: *giggling* “It DOES stink!” (laughing out loud)

Me: *snorting coffee through my nose* “It DOES, doesn’t it!”

Christopher (somewhat disappointed): “I thought maybe it would be green…but it wasn’t.”

Both of us laughing this early in the morning. What a great start to the day…LOL

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2 Responses to Konversation With Kids: It DOES Stink!

  1. Blah la Blah says:

    Very cute. Boys are different. I have 3 and being a girl (of course), am always surprised at how amused my kids are with bodily functions and things of the sort. Although, I do have a niece who can hang with the boys like the best of them!
    Glad you both had a good start to the day. Thanks be to Asparagus!

  2. Haha, you said pee!


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