Searching For The Sweet Spot

It is troubled times that I live in. There are no obvious answers. At least, I don’t think there are. And believe me, I’ve looked. If there is one thing that I wish I could do, it is know what it is I have to do to get ahead of the game. What is that one thing that will put me over the top? Where is the sweet spot? I keep searching & searching and there doesn’t seem to be any easy answer to that question.

Being an independent contractor, you have to mind your P’s & Q’s (especially since I type for a living!). You have to be good at your job and you have to be an honorable person as well. Someone that other people you don’t know will remember and think, “Hey! I’d like to work with that guy again sometime!” It is the only thing I have going for me. And now that doesn’t seem to be good enough. Because I’ve lost 2 of my favorite clients in less than 2 months. Not that they were my biggest clients, but they were good companies all the same, and now it looks like I won’t be getting anymore work from them in the upcoming months.

So now what? Well…I’m not gonna lie…maybe this is a good thing. I’ve been away from my family & friends way too much the past 7 years. Maybe it’s a higher power telling me that it’s time to slow it down a bit. Recently, a fellow blogger was unfortunate enough to see a car accident and it made her re-evaluate her life. This isn’t a car accident by any means, but maybe losing those job opportunities will change MY perspectives a little. Maybe not traveling to an undisclosed location day after day, week after week, will allow me some time to actually see my kids grow. Watch a little life pass me by. Because now it seems to be running downhill at full speed ahead, and for some reason I find myself hanging by the bumper, clinging for dear life, just hoping not to get crushed by the oncoming traffic.

Maybe it’s time to slow down a bit. Smell the roses. Get to know my sons’ teachers and other families in our neighborhood. Get to know the street names in my own town. Do a little more exercising and a lot less chowing down on fast foods and junk. Maybe it’s time to not worry about money so much and just try living within my means.

Not gonna lie…with today being tax day and with me owing the government a considerable sum, it makes sense to be frugal. I’m not rich. I never will be. But I have been lucky to have a job that I enjoy that pays me a decent salary. So now the economy tightens. Things start to get a little more complicated. I am looking for the sweet spot. What makes me happy? What allows me inner peace? One thing is for sure…it ain’t money, my friends. It ain’t money.

So the government can take my money. I imagine I’ll survive without it. And the economy can take some of my clients. If they are going to make cutbacks now, maybe they’ll remember my number when they decide to spend a little. But these things are all out of my control. Like a car accident, as the car flips and turns. As people stop to watch and make their decision to help or to continue on. I have decisions to make also and I will. I’ll decide what my future should be. But decisions are never easy to make, are they?

Where is that sweet spot? I know it’s out there. Maybe if I take a deep breath, stand quietly in my mind for a while and breath out with conviction, it will appear and then I can swing.

So for now…

this is me breathing…

and then swinging away…

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3 Responses to Searching For The Sweet Spot

  1. Lynne says:

    Wow, as blogs go, that one was good. You should stop and smell the roses, as you said. Family is important, and nothing can replace the time that you lose when you’re away from them. Enjoy being home, the work will come back eventually. I’m sorry you lost the clients, but I have a feeling you’ll be okay. And the kids will love having you around more!

  2. RUTH ANN says:

    Your sweet spot is the time you have at home with your family, that is just my opinion!!!

  3. Breathing is always good.

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