Pictures In The Attic

by Alan
Senior, 1987
(Writer of the Month – Philo H.S.)

Here I sit,
gazing at the pages of a book
found in a dusty attic,
looking at what is supposedly my past.

It’s strange
but I remember very little
of any of these happenings
which are now nothing but paper.

I don’t remember riding on a carousel
at the annual summer festival.
I can’t recall ever sitting
on my grandfather’s lap
(who, by the way, has been buried
for the past forty years).

And I know for certain
that couldn’t have been me
splashing in the tub with my bottom
showing for the world to see.

It all seems so long ago
since I last received a kiss
while having chocolate cake smeared
across my face.

It just doesn’t seem as if I’ve aged
so much in so little time.
What is to become of me after I’m gone?
Will I be only a picture in the attic?


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6 Responses to Pictures In The Attic

  1. Feeling melancholy much?!?

  2. mom says:

    Never just a picture. A boyhood idol, a mentor, the world’s best story teller, best babysitter, and all-around great son. Even today the kids tell me about the stories you made up at bedtime to get them to sleep. Just a kid yourself!!! Sometime, print some of the stories you wrote, especially about the lawnmower. Let your blog friends see what kind of special guy you are!! NEVER JUST A PICTURE! Love…mom

  3. Kal El Camino says:

    I don’t get it. Were you the grandfather? Are guys pictures and girls flowers while in the attic? Whose attic is this? Where is my fur hat!!!???

  4. Amber says:

    Mom forgot to mention what you are to your siblings. Not just a great big brother, but a great man who leads by example and gives us something to aspire to. Never just a picture! I love you!

  5. Very cool. I like the picture… GREAT shorts !

  6. Hey…great poem! You are a poet! 🙂
    and very awesome shorts!

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