Happy Birthday Chuck!

Birthday Bash Weekend_2008 076
I’ll let you figure out which one is Chuck…

Today my best friend from high school is following me into the 5th decade of his existence. Chuck turns the big 4-0 today and it’s about time. So many stories from when we were high school buds, cruising Maple in the infamous VW, music up too loud, hanging at the mall, playing hoops at the square. Those were great times! Now we’re both older and Chuck is a little balder, but he’s still one of the greatest guys I know and he’s still one of my best friends. I don’t get to see Chuck as much as I would like…he lives in Columbus and I live in Cincinnati, but we see each other maybe twice a year and it’s all good. We chat on the phone occasionally and we talk sports and about what we’re up too in our busy lives.

I couldn’t let this birthday go by without telling my FAVORITE Chuck story because truthfully, it might be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. And it would be a diservice to my blogger friends if I didn’t allow everyone else to get a good chuckle on this morning of his 40th birthday…so here it goes!

Chuck and I were training to be on the cross country team back in 1987. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of running through fields of corn and over hills, but I dragged Chuck into training with me and then I talked him into joining the team as well….aaaaand then I promptly quit and joined the golf team. But that’s not the funny part of the story! The funny part starts…now…

So Chuck comes over to my house one day. We were gonna go for a quick run, get a few miles in and then probably go out cruising the main strip in Zanesville (I have no idea what we were gonna do after our run…I’m just assuming since there really wasn’t anything else to do back in those days!). Chuck tells me that he is still sore from the run the day before and his legs were bothering him. So I tell him that my Mom bought me some Ben Gay for when MY legs hurt and that if he needed it, he could use it. So we went into the house and I gave him the tube  and I went back outside to stretch. Well…a few minutes later, Chuck comes out and he’s feeling the burn a little bit. As I’m stretching, Chuck is really fidgeting around. I mean, he’s literally bouncing up & down. And then, as I’m watching, he starts running around in the yard, screaming about how it burns and grabbing at his shorts! I had no idea what to think! What the hell was he doing?

So then Chuck runs into the house and jumps into the shower with his clothes on! I might be embellishing a bit, and I don’t recall what happened after that, but all I remember is Chuck running around in circles screaming about the burn and grabbing his shorts as he ran back into the house! Come to find out later, he had put the Ben Gay on his legs and then gone to the restroom. Apparently without washing his hands.

Do I have to explain it further?

The Ben Gay had gotten on his…well…his private parts.


OMG!!! I about peed myself laughing when I found out. I have never let him live that down and it is, to this day, one of my fondest, funniest memories of any of my friends!

Chuck…you are one of my dearest friends. Seriously, I wish I could celebrate this momentous occasion with you! Have a great 40th birthday and enjoy your day! But seriously…whatever you do…stay away from the Ben Gay! LOL

Your Friend,


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5 Responses to Happy Birthday Chuck!

  1. technically speaking, I think he followed you into your 5th decade of existence. 🙂

    Love the Ben Gay story…LOL!

    OH! Good point! Changing that right now…Thanks!

  2. mom says:

    My gosh, Alan. Chuck told me he fell into the river while running by the boat dock. (Before the boat dock went down to the Ohio River) You mean he went into the shower with his clothes ON?? How did he get the ben-gay off? Never mind………..Love, Mom (Tell Chuck we all said happy birthday)

  3. That sounds like something I would do, doesn’t it?

  4. Amber says:

    Happy Birthday, Chuck! Hope you are doing well!

  5. Yeah, I think It’s better to say a Happy birthday wishes to Chuck.

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