What The Heck…People Who Sit In The Intersection And Won’t Get The Hell Out Of My Way


Monday through Friday, I take my daughter to school. My daughter goes to a montessory school for 3 hours a day. She has learned to read words and count numbers and now she has learned some new swear words because every damn day, as I take her to her school, I have to sit in traffic at a crossroad on Buttermilk because there is construction and IDIOTS ARE PARKED IN THE INTERSECTION AND TRAFFIC GRINDS TO A COMPLETE STOP! AND WE SIT THERE FOR 15 MINUTES!?!

What the hell is WRONG with you people?!?! Look…there is CONSTRUCTION going on here. It’s a major intersection and everyone is trying to get where they are going. I understand that. But you can SEE that if you pull forward you are gonna be blocking traffic. You can see that! So why do you do it??? It’s not like sitting through one more light is gonna cause you THAT much delay! I mean, is it really all to much to ask for you to pause, check out the situation, and then assess that maybe you shouldn’t pull into traffic and block the flow just so you can sit there in the intersection and look like a complete ASS while you have 3 lanes of traffic basically going nowhere because you are an IDIOT?!?!

And then you give ME a dirty look because I’m staring you down with hate in my eyes? You’re lucky I didn’t just sit with my right hand on my horn and my other hand with a certain finger raised out the window…you JACKASS. Why oh why are people stupid? Why oh why do I have to drive among you? Why oh why didn’t your driving instructor see that you are a complete MORON and that you are not fit to drive a tricycle, let alone a motorized vehicle. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!

Ahh….screw it. There’s nothing that can be done. What has happened has happened and I’m willing to let bygones be bygones. But I swear…if I see you in that intersection again, blocking traffic with your big honkin’ BMW or your stupid trash truck…so help me…I WILL think about honking my horn! And I WILL curse you out under my breath. Several times! You…you…you…STUPID BUTT!

Now get out of my way so I can take my daughter to school so she can learn something. Obviously YOUR parents didn’t.


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1 Response to What The Heck…People Who Sit In The Intersection And Won’t Get The Hell Out Of My Way

  1. sd says:

    This is pretty much every intersection in NY during rush hour. Sucks doubly so on the bus which will never ever has enough space on the other side to cross fully, because people are always making illegal right turns and getting in the way again. Sigh.

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