28 Minutes Later…

Christopher's Birthday Party_2009 015

To begin this post, I must let you know that Christopher’s school starts at 8am sharp. It is a 18 minute walk or a 12 minute ride with the drive + traffic + the school line. Now…on with the story…

Every weekday morning, 7am – I wake up and go upstairs to wake up my son to go to school.

7:05 – He comes downstairs. Hair all messed up. Sleep still in his eyes. Stands in the kitchen.

7:05:15 – I ask him what kind of cereal he would like for breakfast. He makes his choice and I pull out his chair and I tell him to sit down.

7:06 – I get out his bowl, pour him some cereal, go to the fridge and get the milk. Pour the milk. Take the milk back to the fridge and then pour myself a cup of coffee with flavored creamer (because that’s how I roll).

7:07:45 – I turn from pouring my coffee and opening the paper and Christopher has yet to take a bite of his food.

7:08 – 7:16 – I read the paper and drink my coffee, glancing over the page occassionally to see if the boy is eating anything. Sometimes I have to remind him that in order for the food to be eaten, it must travel from his bowl to his face where it is inserted into his mouth and consumed. He looks at me like I’m crazy and then I return to my paper.

7:17 – Christopher has to go to the bathroom. And yes…he IS that regular.

7:27 – Christopher returns from the bathroom. And yes…he DOES take that long.

7:27:15 – He climbs back up into his seat and sits down and looks at the bowl. Looks at me as if to ask, “Did you eat any?”, and then proceeds to pretend like he is reading my paper.

7:27:45 – “Are you gonna eat or what?” I ask him. He picks up his spoon and begins to eat.

7:29 – He spills a drop of milk on the table. Reaches for napkins. Drops even more milk out of his mouth as he reaches across the table. Looks at me and grins. Proceeds to wipe up the mess. Gets up and takes napkins to the wastebasket.

7:30:30 – Starts reading the back of the cereal box while standing next to the table. Still not eating.

7:31 – Finally I’ve had enough. “Are you gonna eat your breakfast or am I gonna have to feed it to you? You have less than 15 minutes before we leave for school and you aren’t dressed, you have to get your teeth brushed, your hair combed and you still have to study your spelling words because your mother wants you to study them every morning, doesn’t matter if your test is on Friday or not! Now you’re going to be late and you are driving me a little nuts…so get to it already!!!”

7:31:45 – He begins scooping up the cereal with a little more speed. Eventually he gets to the point where he is SCRAPING the bottom of the bowl with his spoon. Might as well use his nails on a chalkboard!

7:32:25 – Picks up the bowl and starts slurping the milk.

7:33 – Bowl is placed back on the table. Empty. Mission accomplished.

So…28 minutes after he has gotten downstairs he has finished 1 bowl of cereal and gone to the bathroom. Now I just have to get him through the rest of the morning and off to school without him forgetting his head. Thankfully, at some point, someone must have screwed it on tight enough because he’s only forgotten it once. But his backpack with all of his notebooks and pencils and stuff? Well….THAT is another story altogether…

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1 Response to 28 Minutes Later…

  1. mandy says:

    This is why Alarik isn’t allowed to eat breakfast until his shoes are on.

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