Roller Birthday

Remember the good old days when you used to go to the roller rink and listen to pop songs and skate around & around in circles for hours, not really caring if you ran into anyone? Well…for Christopher’s 7th birthday party, we rented out a table for 20 people at the local rink and invited his closest friends (and his mother’s closest friends) and let the kids skate around & fall down for a couple of hours. Surprisingly, no one got severly injured and much fun was had by all! And new memories were made…

Christopher's Birthday Party_2009 002
Cool Star Wars Cake!

Christopher's Birthday Party_2009 004

Christopher's Birthday Party_2009 007

Christopher's Birthday Party_2009 013
…and he’s GOT IT!

Christopher's Birthday Party_2009 011
Rollin’ with the Pack!

Christopher's Birthday Party_2009 012
This ain’t so hard

Christopher's Birthday Party_2009 008
Ava went for a spin

Christopher's Birthday Party_2009 006
Obviously too much cake

Christopher's Birthday Party_2009 014
Skates run in all sizes!

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1 Response to Roller Birthday

  1. What an awesome birthday party! When I was about his age…back when the skate wheels were carved from stone…the PTA put on a monthly skating party. Best times of my childhood! A few years ago, my company rented a fun park for our summer picnic. It included a roller rink, and I couldn’t wait to get out there. Only, somehow, in the 20 years since I had last been on skates, my ankles got weak and my balance was way off. I spent the majority of the time on my butt, with aching muscles for a week afterward.

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