Out Of The Sky

Last Day At Montessori_2009 044

A beautiful clear day today. Very warm & a bit humid, but overall…picture perfect. Ava & I had gone to the park. As we were swinging, I noticed a dot in the sky, just beyond my feet as they flew to the sky. I couldn’t tell what it was, but there were no clouds and it was like a small star was out in broad daylight. I knew it wasn’t an airplane because it never moved horizontally. It just stayed in one spot. But it WAS moving! Because I could see the shape shifting. I must have watched that dot for 10 minutes. It never flew away. It just stayed there and twinkled.

I continued to watch it and after a while, it appeared to be getting closer because it kept getting bigger. And as it got bigger I could see what it was. It was a clump of white & black balloons drifting aimlessly in the sky. They were falling back to earth from someplace I can only imagine. Down, down, down to a parking lot next to the park. I walked over and picked them up and gave them to Ava, who then proceeded to run and play with them for the remainder of our time at the park. 

I didn’t have my camera at the park, so I couldn’t take pictures, but isn’t it amazing how something like that can occur? What are the odds? I’ve never seen anything like that in my lifetime. I’ve seen balloons drift off into the sky…but never have I seen them fall. Who knows where those balloons have been? Were they from a wedding? Maybe they were strung up at a high school dance.  Maybe they were from another country. Maybe they were from a bar mitzvah. Maybe they were from a child’s birthday party. Who knows? But I have to wonder what adventures they could tell of if they could speak. 

I know we’ll never know. But it just seems like the coincidences of those balloons literally falling out of the sky on such a clear day was just too much for me to pass up. I had to write about it, even though, on a grand scale, they are such a small thing. But it’s little coincidences in life such as these that make a day special. Today I gave my daughter balloons. I didn’t buy them. They fell into my lap. And then she got to play and laugh and smile with them for a little while. And I bet if those balloons could talk, that would have been exactly how they would have wanted their journey to end. And for some reason…that makes me smile a little bit.

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5 Responses to Out Of The Sky

  1. mandy says:

    That is amazing. It is so neat that you saw them while they were just a dot in the sky, and then they actually landed right next to you.

  2. kat says:

    that really is amazing! Crazy cool.

  3. Lynne says:

    Very sweet… perfect story for a day like today. Thanks!

  4. Amber says:

    That is a once in a lifetime experience! Really cool, Alan.

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