And Then The Wall Came Down

Not the Berlin Wall, silly! I’m not THAT deep. No…I’m talking our kitchen wall! So the everlasting construction on our home continues and now it has moved indoors! Fantastic! And just as the kids are finishing up school for the summer. Even BETTER! Yeesh…

But I’m hoping it all looks fantastic after it’s all said and done. Here’s some photos to tide ya over…

Kitchen Pre-Tearout (2)
Now you see it…

Christopher 1st Grade Class Trip_2009 221
Now you don’t!

Funny how that works, huh? What? You want more? Ooookay…

Kitchen Pre-Tearout (3)
The kitchen at 8am Monday morning (June 1st)

Christopher 1st Grade Class Trip_2009 220
The kitchen at 3:30pm Monday afternoon (June 1st)

I’m telling ya…these guys don’t mess around! I’ll keep posting pictures as long as anyone cares…

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6 Responses to And Then The Wall Came Down

  1. amber says:

    SO jealous. Can’t wait to do some stuff around my house. Keep us posted, and see you real soon!

  2. ashley says:

    Taco Bell and Pop Tarts for a while, huh?

    And McDonalds. Don’t forget the Happy Meals…

  3. Exciting stuff! We looked into doing a major remodel a few years back but I chickened out. Three kids … a husband who is never around. I thought it was more than I could take on.

    You were thinking about doing it yourself? Screw that! I hired someone to do it for me. Much safer…

  4. mom says:

    What did you do with that stained glass sun catcher? If it doesn’t fit anywhere in Ky. I know a place to put it….Seriously!!! Love……

    It’s going in the other kitchen window. Sorry Mom!

  5. awesome! If no one else cares, I love seeing before during and afters of such things.

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