Konversations With Kids: Ooooh…The Pain!

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Firepower my butt!

Recently, my wife signed my son up to play pee-wee football for a local team. Needless to say, Christopher is very excited! He loves football and with the Steelers and his high school team winning championships this year, he can’t wait to put on some pads and make some tackles. And I am excited for him, but the one thing that needs to be noted in all of this is…Christopher is a wimp. Not that he can’t rough-house with the best of them. But you give the kid a scratch and he’s whining and needing a bandaid. So with THAT in mind…here was a conversation between Christopher and his mother this morning as he was getting ready for school.

Mom: “Gotta put some sunblock on for school today, buddy.” (She starts putting it on his legs)

Christopher: “Okay Mom.”

Mom: “You’re gonna be in the sun most of the day during your field trip, need to be protected from those harmful UV rays!”

Christopher: “Okay Mom.”

Steph continues to put sunblock on him when…

Christopher: “OUCH!”

Mom: “What? What is it?”

Christopher: “I have a scratch on my arm. OUCH! That hurt!”

Mom: “What? Putting sunblock on it?”

Christopher: “Yeah! That REALLY hurts!”

Mom: “Seriously Christopher? If you are THAT sensitive, you’re gonna be in BIG trouble once football season rolls around. Toughen up there Sally…”

Christopher looks over at me and I’m laughing at him. Then he starts laughing also. Kids…

They’re so silly. And apparently very sensitive to sunblock…

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1 Response to Konversations With Kids: Ooooh…The Pain!

  1. amber says:

    My Christopher played high school football, now he can’t wait for his son to play. He has lots of plans for Erik. I’m sure Christopher will do great, Alan.

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