The Stare Down

June 2009 024
Pretend that IPod is me…

At Bob Evans for breakfast this morning (we don’t have a kitchen, remember?) and Ava is sitting across the table from me. She’s eating her fruit & yogurt. I’m eating my spinach omelet. She is looking at me. I am looking back. And before you know it…it’s…


10 seconds: I think I can take her…

…but she is…very…resilient…


20 seconds: Damn if she isn’t good at this….


25 seconds: Did she blink? I think she did…but maybe not…?


30 seconds: Hmmm….I could swear…(I blink)

Without a pause she says, “I win.” And she continues eating. Subtle she is not. I am beaten and proceed to eat the rest of my breakfast with the bitter taste of defeat in my mouth.

Damn…she’s good…

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4 Responses to The Stare Down

  1. mandy says:

    Ava plays to win! Woohoo!

  2. Alan, I think that’s the look Barb would give us if you told her a joke or comment on anything ‘current.’

    There’s a reason Gary has that 1000 yard stare!


  3. Ha ha….girls are just good! 🙂

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