75 Steps & A Thumbs Up!

June 2009 037

I like waterparks. I wouldn’t say I’m a waterpark efficianado, but when presented with the option of sitting in my house while guys are climbing all over the place or driving a couple of hours to an indoor water park, I figure the choice is pretty clear. Let’s go swimmin’!

And so we did. We packed up the kiddies and headed north to Columbus to stay the night at the Fort Rapids Indoor Water Park and Hotel. I would love to tell you that it’s the LARGEST INDOOR WATER PARK IN AMERICA!!! But it’s not. And I would love to tell you that it has THE FASTEST WATER SLIDES IN THE STATE!!! But it doesn’t. As a matter of fact, compared to outdoor water parks, this place doesn’t hold up. There isn’t a true swimming pool in the place and it’s actually kind of small. But here’s the appeal of Fort Rapids, and it’s kind of a secret so don’t tell anybody…shhhhh….

There’s nobody there.

That’s right…it’s almost deserted! We arrived around 3pm and swam for 6 hours and there were no lines. There were no thousands of people jammed into a wave pool. There were no screaming kids and adults shoving and frustrating food lines. Nothing! None of those things! As a matter of fact, the only thing I had to wait for were my kids as they got into their swimsuits! From there, it was all easy going and lots of water.

A lazy river, 2 flume rides, racer slides and an awesome waterslide where you drop into darkness and then shoot out into a giant doughnut thing where you circle around 4 or 5 times (I loved that ride!) all highlight the park. For the kids, there is a giant play area with 2 water flumes and an area for children 6 and under. Then there is a  hot tub for adults and some basketball hoops where you can shoot from the pool and…well…that’s kind of it. But all of those things can go a long way when there is no one there! And we definitely made the most of it!

And the greatest feeling of all…after climbing 75 steps to get on one of the waterslides, is to have the lifeguard give you the thumbs up as you arrive at the top of the stairs. That means you are good to go. No wait. And at Fort Rapids in Columbus…we were ALWAYS good to go! Which makes THAT particular water park my FAVORITE WATER PARK IN THE WORLD! For now anyways…

June 2009 033

June 2009 034

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