Right Is The New Left


I drove 7 hours to Memphis on Friday. Then drove 7 hours back to Cincinnati on Sunday. And I’m starting to realize something. I know I have discussed driving here on this blog before and I admit that I can get a little out of sorts when it comes to other people driving on the road. But here is what I have discovered in the last 3 days…

Right is the new left.

Remember when you wanted to pass someone? Well…I do. You could turn on your turn signal, merge over into the left-hand lane and drive past them? I used to do it all the time. I am one of those people that generally drives around 9 miles over the speed limit. It’s what I do. So I used to be able to pass those going the speed limit or driving a little slower. But I’ve noticed a growing trend over…say…the last 10 years. The trend is that everyone now drives in the left-hand lane. They drive the speed limit or less and never seem to leave that lane. Now I don’t know when this change came about, but I could swear that I used to get into the left-hand lane to ONLY to pass other cars. I never did it to drive casually to my next destination. THAT was reserved for the right-hand lane. But apparently that has changed and no one called to inform me.

Honestly…I don’t care WHAT lane is the slow lane and the fast lane. I just wanna know which one I should be in when I want to drive like a maniac a little over the speed limit so I can get to where I am trying to go. If YOU want to drive in the left-hand lane while on your cell phone/texting/applying makeup/eating/zoning out/smoking/diddling yourself/(enter other activity here), feel free to do so. But we need to get the rules out in the open because it’s starting to piss me off when I am trying to get around you and you are cruising along, not paying attention, just passing the time in what USED to be the fast lane. But now it is apparently NOT the fast lane…but no one TOLD me that that rule had changed! So now I’m confused.

So could someone PLEASE clear this up for me. And listen up everyone because the rules are whatever YOU come up with. I seriously don’t care WHICH lane is the fast lane. I just want to know which one is which. So here’s the deal…which lane is the passing lane on an interstate? Because obviously it has either changed or people are just being fu&%#ing IDIOTS and are driving with no good reason in the damn PASSING LANE!!! And if that is the case, I’m gonna be really pissed off because I have been passing on the right-hand side and feeling all discombobulated and wondering what the hell was going on but everyone else was driving in the left-hand lane and they won’t get out of my way so apparently something is amiss.

So left? Or right? ‘Cause I’m driving 5 hours today and I’d really like to be able to pass your slow ass and not feel bad about it. Thanks…and happy driving!

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6 Responses to Right Is The New Left

  1. Well, it is SUPPOSED to be the left land … but I’ve noticed the same thing you have. I tend to weave into whatever lane will get me there fastest.

  2. mandy says:

    Rick gets on me about this all the time. I generally drive the speed limit (+/- a few mph), but I like to hang out in the left lane, getting over into the right lane only when someone comes up behind me. I do this because if I drive in the right lane, I have to get over to pass a truck every 30 seconds. I understand the reasoning behind having the speed limit for trucks lower than for cars, but it makes driving with the cruise control on impossible in the right hand lane.

  3. mom says:

    Mandy inadvertantly hit the right answer. The answer: TRUCKS. Not only do they NOT obey the speed limit, they also congregate after every rest stop. They come out in groves!!! Also, TRUCKS. Although they are supposed to use the right lane, they have caused so many pot holes, and the repair of them is horrific, that you have to use the left lane, or be jolted all the way to your destination. At my age, bouncing ain’t good. Dad drives the left lane (at about 85, while I pray in the passenger seat!) until someone is on the approach, then he moves over, returning to the left lane as soon and safely as possible. Sorry, son. You must conform or be left behind in the right lane!!! Mom (Did I mention we make it to Clearwater, Florida in about 24 hours or less?[not including overnight stay])

  4. heather says:

    I don’t think that was a rule so much as a “guideline”. lol People who can’t merge annoy me more than left lane laggers though.

  5. kcalland says:

    I’m glad to see this is not a serious issue local to Central Ohio. Left-Lane-Hanger-Outers are a serious pain in the arse.

    I used to date a guy who hung out in the Left Lane. When I would drive it would make him crazy the way I always “went back and forth between the two lanes all the time! Just pick one already.” And then when he’d be driving, eventually someone would come along with the BALLS to want to go faster than him. The nerve of people. He’d literally get pissed at these people and say things like “I’m already going 70! What in the hell does this guy want?”

    Of course I’d ever so helpfully reply, “To go 75?”

  6. mandy says:

    Ahh…so I get my driving style from dad. Sans the 85 mph part. That explains it.

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