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So with a new baby comes lots of new toys to figure out. Baby seats, strollers, swings, bottles…you name it. And for the dad? How about the Baby Bjorn? You know what it is…it’s the new fashion accessory! Everyone is doing it now…just take a look…

Featured in this hit movie…


And that’s about all the Googling time I got…

Aaaanyways…so my brother-in-law got one to carry little Erik around in. Of course, trying to get this thing on is a lot like trying to get out of a straight jacket. Luckily, he had plenty of us around to help get him through it (well…he had my sister Kathy. Like I’M supposed to remember how those damn things work? I think not…). Here are a few photos highlighting this experience…

June 2009 062
This IS the right side up? Right?

June 2009 063
Hmmmm…strappy thing goes here…

June 2009 064
Kathy supplies guidance.

June 2009 065
HOLY CRAP!!! Where’s his head???

June 2009 066
Whew! There he is…LOL

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