…and on a totally unrelated topic…BOWLING!

Also to add to my day, my Mom & I took the kids to the bowling alley for a couple of rounds. Can I just say that Ava has really picked up on how to throw the ball down the alley, Christopher broke 100 and I still suck. But we all had fun, even though the music was blaring and the kids wanted food, slushy’s, food and more food. Oh…and they wanted to play video games. And more food…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

June 2009 026
Ready to roll!

June 2009 023
The cousins had fun also!

June 2009 031
I got no form…

June 2009 033
and Uncle Frank has no game!

June 2009 028
All smiles!

June 2009 035
Christopher rolled a 103! Way to go!

June 2009 029
Stale nachos and cheese are tasty…

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2 Responses to …and on a totally unrelated topic…BOWLING!

  1. mandy says:

    AWWW!!! I miss all the fun stuff.

  2. kat says:

    Christopher could totally beat me..

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