Picture Of The Day_6.16.09

Bear and Chris Fishing 016
Christopher’s First Fish!

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2 Responses to Picture Of The Day_6.16.09

  1. mom says:

    I have a comment…It was a great day. I really enjoyed being with the kids. We had an impromtu picnic and Ava passed out the worms to all the fisher persons. ( We didn’t eat the worms at the picnic!!!) Got my sentences mixed up there for a moment. Just had a bad shot in my hand, but am doing okay, son. Love….mom

    Worms are tasty. And you better call me if there are any problems!

  2. Chris Butler from Johnstown says:

    Great job! i remember when i caught my first fish, i was so proud of myself hahaha, tell him i said nice catch! ^_^

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