Little Cans Of Lemonade

Drinkin’ the lemonade…

This week will be full of good times as my nephew visits from Zanesville. Alarik is my sister’s only son and he and Christopher get along swimmingly (and I say that because they both LOVE to swim). So it was an easy decision to bring him home with us for a few days (5 actually) after the kids spent the weekend with Grandma. This morning, I packed up the car, threw the 3 kids in and headed for home. And even the trip home was an adventure. Here are a few excerpts…


I stopped to get gas and the kids asked for soda. I said no. The last thing I need is 3 kids hopped up on caffeine & sugar for a 3 hour drive. So I got them water instead. Then they asked me what we had to drink at home. I said water, juice pouches, milk…and their mom bought them lemonade.

“Cans of lemonade or the juice pouch kind?” Christopher asked.

“Cans.” I replied.

“SWEET! Cans of lemonade are awesome!” Christopher & Ava cheered.

And Alarik looked at them like they were crazy.


We had barely gotten on the road when I noticed Ava was being very quiet (which is VERY unlike her). I asked, “Ava? Are you okay?” and the next thing I knew…she was bawling! I flipped down the rear view mirror and she had giant tears streaming down her face.

“Ava…what’s wrong, hon?”

“I miss Grandma.”

“Oh sweetie. I bet Grandma misses you too! But you had a great time and we’ll come back real soon…okay?”

“Uh huh…” And more tears.

Alarik, being the trooper he is, turns to her and says…”Ava…think about something that makes you happy! Think about cans of lemonade!”

And then they started laughing. And all was good.


About half way home and after chugging their bottled water, all 3 kids had to go to the restroom. So when nature calls, ya gotta do your thing. So we stopped at the rest stop and headed into the Men’s Room. As we were entering, a man was leaving and held the door. Ava became hesitant.

“I don’t want to go to the boys potty. I want to go to the girls.”

“Honey, I can’t go into the girls restroom. You’re gonna have to come in here with us.”

BIG frown and arms crossed.

I ushered the boys in and noticed that as you enter the restroom, you could go left OR right. So I told a little white lie…

“Oh look…they have a special section in here for the girls!”

“Really?” (Christopher looked at me as if to say, “really?”)

“Yep…okay…boys go that way and girls go this way!”

And that, as they say, solved THAT problem…

3 stories in one trip ain’t bad! And I’m sure there will be many more. It IS only Monday after all! LOL

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3 Responses to Little Cans Of Lemonade

  1. mandy says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the picture of Alarik!

  2. mandy says:

    Oh, and as soon as I read the first line of the “when ya gotta go” story, I thought to myself “Oh, man! Ava’s gonna have to go in the MEN’S room. Gross!!!”

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