Rainy Days & Wednesdays…

Day 3 of Alarik’s visit this week. We had oh so many plans for the day…a trip to the zoo, a trip to the Bengals football stadium, Christopher’s practice. Many things that would have been more interesting than sitting in the house all day watching the rain fall. But that’s what happened…and that’s what we did. It rained so much that Christopher’s practice was even cancelled! So…we stayed in and the kids got to have their way with the house…except for the basement. I took the opportunity to steam clean the carpet so tomorrow night the kids can have a slumber party down there without having to sleep under boxes (post-construction cleanup STILL being worked out)! And the kids did manage to have a little fun…even though it wasn’t as exciting as the zoo…

July 2009 036
It rained a little bit

July 2009 042
Christopher swabbed the deck

July 2009 039
Wringing Wet

July 2009 056
The Car Washers

July 2009 044
Say hello to MY little friend…

July 2009 043
More room for the kids to play in now!

July 2009 046
Compared to THIS tiny room…

July 2009 057
Pre-sleep Reading

July 2009 058
A Boy & His Book!

Tomorrow…who knows? Will we finally get to the zoo? Will it stop raining long enough for us to go hang out at Paul Brown Stadium? Will I ever get the boys out to hit golf balls at the local driving range? What adventures will there be? Check it out tomorrow!

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3 Responses to Rainy Days & Wednesdays…

  1. kat says:

    I know I’m alone in this opinion, but I really like rain. It hardly ever rains in MTV. Have fun with the rest of the week! And keep us updated. I know Mandy is watching and waiting for updates 🙂

  2. Blah la Blah says:

    doesn’t look like the day was a total wash 🙂

  3. mandy says:

    The kids had fun playing together, and that’s what counts. One more day and I get my baby (I mean, big, tough guy) back!

    And thanks for posting the picture of the messy toy room. It does my heart good to know that it’s possible for a room at your house to look like that too.

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