When A Cousin Comes To Town…Day 4

Today was a fun day and the rain held off. We went to the driving range (after making many stops to the bank & the steam cleaner place & another bank) and Alarik & Christopher hit a bucket of balls. I think they had fun, however they plowed through the bucket so fast that I guess I will never know. After that, Stephanie entertained a friend and her 2 daughters while our neighbor’s daughter also joined us and before ya know it…we had a full house! But a good lunch and some outside play got the kids all worn out and then we were off to Christopher’s football practice. Tonight he got his helmet & pads and our friend Shayne (who actually played football in school) helped him get his pads in place (Look…my ego isn’t so sensitive that I would let my son run out there and get hurt. I would rather have someone who knows the game pad him up and teach me how to do it than to have me do it and he gets his head knocked off!).

So tomorrow is Alarik’s last day here with us and here’s hoping that next summer we can have Alarik back to visit us again!

July 2009 060
Obviously posing…

July 2009 059
Taking a hack at it

July 2009 064
Grandpa has nothing to worry about…yet.

July 2009 076
Christopher’s shoulder pads & helmet

July 2009 077
His mean face

July 2009 078
Shayne helps out

July 2009 083
Crazy cousins

July 2009 085
Basement slumber party!

Tomorrow…if the rain holds off…we’re gonna try to get to the zoo before Alarik heads home and a little food off the grill if we got the time…(and you & thie girls are invited to the cookout Mandy!)

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2 Responses to When A Cousin Comes To Town…Day 4

  1. mom says:

    Did Shayne tell you if the cup went up or down? If he played football, he the one who would know I would like to know, too. (Just in case you need the info later on in life). Love…..mom

  2. mandy says:

    Thanks for having Alarik over, Alan! He really enjoyed it a lot. Also, thanks for taking us to the cookout. That was MUCH better than having to eat McD’s on the drive home. Your friends all seemed great, and your kitchen is GORGEOUS!

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