The Starting QB

July 2009 084

So Christopher started football practices 2 weeks ago. Except for a few learning experiences along the way (when he should eat, how to put his uniform on, which way the cup should go into his pants), it’s been a fun experience. He is playing with a good group of kids and the coaches seem great. For a while, the coaches had him playing with the older group of boys who had played last year. But the last couple of practices, it appears that they might be moving him back to the group one step below that squad to get him acclimated to playing and learning the plays. And yesterday, the news came…he’s gonna be the starting quarterback for that team!

Before the practices started, Christopher WANTED to be the QB. He LOVES throwing the football and really enjoys the idea of always getting the ball (much like his father playing basketball…). Unfortunately, this league doesn’t allow this age group to throw the ball. So now, he is basically handing the ball off or running QB sneaks. So…needless to say…that isn’t what he WANTS to be doing. Oh well…I still think he’s gonna have a blast. Now if only we could get the offensive line a little bit of time for him to get the snap. That MIGHT make the game a little more enjoyable for him. Because from what I’ve seen…he’s basically a tackling dummy. But we’ll work on that. For the meantime, Christopher is the starting QB for the white team!


And now we must study our plays….which look something like this…

And I’m NOT kidding…

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6 Responses to The Starting QB

  1. Badass Geek says:

    I wanted to be the QB when I played football as a kid, too. Instead, I got put on defense as the nose tackle. I guess that was probably the best place for me.

    I was a big kid.

  2. kat says:

    he is totally gonna date the prom queen:)

  3. I’ll call the Jets…we need him NOW !!

  4. That’s so cool man, great for him! Have fun with the plays – he’ll remember them forever!

    I sucked at football… I just got ran over and KO’ed all the time. I was a great tackling dummy… and yes, I do mean dummy!


  5. fjl21 says:

    Nickel Vs. the Power I?

  6. It’s probably good for him to play some other positions before becoming a QB.

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