Ava Turns 5!

Kill Devil Hills_2008 172

Today my daughter turns 5 years old. Can I just say…it has just been amazing watching her grow and learn. She has accomplished so much this year and with every day she gets smarter and more enjoyable to be around. I know at some point this will change. She won’t want to be seen with me, she won’t want to be around her brother, she will want her own space. But for now, I love holding her hand, watching her in the backyard trading Pokemon cards with the boys and listening to her sing to herself when she thinks no one is listening. She is getting so big, so fast, and I wish I could just bottle up this entire year and enjoy it for the rest of my life.

So many memories in a 365 days…and everywhere we went, everything we did, Ava ALWAYS has an open mind and is willing to try anything. She loves drawing and art. She loves her sweets (yes…my daughter is a sugar-holic), she loves resting her head on my shoulder when she is “sleeping” in the car and I have to carry her to the house. She has learned all of her alphabet and is adding and trying to subtract. She loves watching Disney movies and has an amazing smile. I love everything about my daughter right now and she can do no wrong (except swallowing pennies…which, I was told, will NEVER happen again! LOL). She is forever my “Pretty Princess” and I can’t wait to see where this coming year takes her.

Happy Birthday Ava. You are the light of my life. And may your 5th year be as amazing and enjoyable as the last!


Your Daddy

August 2008 025

Ava's First Soccer Match Age 4 (40)

Bear and Chris Fishing 018

Birthday Bash Weekend_2008 070

Finished Kitchen 014

June 2009 067

Kill Devil Hills_2008 018

July 2008 018

July 2009 026

Kill Devil Hills 2008 (66)

For some fun memories of this past year with Ava, go here, here and here. And then THIS one…which pretty much sums up our relationship right now. Love these posts about my daughter! And now…I gotta go eat some Fancy Nancy cake…

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4 Responses to Ava Turns 5!

  1. kat says:

    Happy Birthday to Ava!!!!!

  2. mandy says:

    Happy Birthday Ava!

  3. Miss Grace says:

    Happy Birthday to Ava!

  4. Happy Birthday, Ava! What a total doll!

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