Today Was A Most Excellent Day…Part II

Later in the day, we had Ava’s Fancy Nancy 5th Birthday Bash! Scheduled a week AFTER her birthday due to work schedule conflicts, today turned out to be a very good day for it! Although it was a little hotter than we would have liked, it still was a beautiful day for a lot of different activities. Stephanie prepared all the food and drinks while Shayne & I set up the makeup tent. There wasn’t a “schedule”, but there was a lot on the agenda. Here are some highlights!

August 2009 039
A Fancy Nancy theme and parfaits are on the menu!

August 2009 051
All the girls got their nails done…

August 2009 050
including Ava’s which were pretty pink!

August 2009 052
Meanwhile the guys all played kickball over at the neighbors house

August 2009 053
Run Robert…Run!

August 2009 059
Everyone lined up for a parfait

August 2009 075
They were scrumptious!

August 2009 079
A random picture of me with 2 babies…to prove I was there.

August 2009 097
Up next?

August 2009 083

August 2009 098
Slide dude!

August 2009 108
The lineup

August 2009 111
Time to open gifts!

August 2009 122
What a pretty dress!

August 2009 115
Steph will be taking THESE to the next football game…

August 2009 123
Everybody wanted to see the gifts

August 2009 132
And then apparently there was a concert in the basement.

So if I were gonna sum up this day I would have to say…today was a most excellent day.

The End

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3 Responses to Today Was A Most Excellent Day…Part II

  1. Badass Geek says:

    It sure looks like it was an excellent day. =)

  2. What! The guys didn’t get their nails done?

  3. Danielle-Lee says:

    I can’t believe she is 5. Holy hell. My girl was going to have a fancy nancy themed party! How cute is that? I love that you were holding the babies-I’m sure THAT was a joy. 🙂
    My fav picture is the last one, of the boys rocking out in the basement.

    Actually…BOTH babies are pretty laid back! And the one picture I didn’t take at the party? The boys (one is actually a grown man with 4 daughters!) rocking out in the basement! LOL

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