Guilty Pleasures: IMac Screensavers


Not gonna lie…I bought this new IMac with the intentions of learning how to edit video and music and to do so many cool things with it. To this point, the farthest I’ve gotten is checking email and using the IMovie to make little home videos for my kids’ classmates. But still…I WILL learn Final Cut (a high end video editing program) once the kiddies are both back in school. I promise (fingers crossed behind my back)! But until then, I have found one practical use for my IMac that I never thought I would use it for…

I use it to mesmerize my kids.

Seriously…if I were to say there is ONE thing that I find most impressive about this computer right now it’s the screensavers. Wow! They are freakin’ cool! It’s like you’re at a disco or something and the lights shimmer and move around. It’s very pretty…

And then if you are using ITunes, you can turn on the visualizer and it has some even COOLER strobing light screensavers! It’s AWESOME! And will entertain your kids for hours!

So…for the most awesome screensaver EVER…go get yourself a Mac. Amazing indeed. And well worth the $2 grand asking price…(okay, maybe not. I’ll find out soon enough…)

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2 Responses to Guilty Pleasures: IMac Screensavers

  1. I already can’t stop staring…….

  2. 3D says:

    Thanks, I will share it on our website free 3D screensavers

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