Fairy Kisses & Bear Hugs

Fairy Princess Nad

A while back I posted about my kids and how they have their strict regimen before going to bedtime. Through this summer that has changed slightly, but they still have their quirks. One of my daughters’ is our final goodnight after all the dolls have been put in place, all the lotions have been applied, after all the nightlights have been turned on, all the animals are out of her room, after the fan has been turned on and is blowing…in…just…the right…spot. Once all this is over, it is time for the hugs & kisses. And obviously THAT is the best part. And there is a system to it…

First…there are the kisses. 3 in succession. First, a big kiss on my right cheek. Then a medium kiss. Followed ever so lightly by a teensy-tiny fairy kiss. Barely a brush of her lips on my cheek.

Then it’s time for hugs. First, a BIG bear hug where she grabs around my neck with both arms and holds me tight. When she does this I usually groan a bit. She then lets go and tells me not to make that sound. So then I get ANOTHER bear hug, this time bigger than the first. She holds me tight and I can’t breath for a few seconds, then she lets go and immediately goes for the medium hug. And then the fairy hug, which is a slight touch of our cheeks. And then I kiss her on her forehead and tell her that I love her.

I don’t recall where all this came from or where it started, but it’s something we do every night. And sometimes it’s the highlight of my day.

I pray that the fairy kisses and the big bear hugs never go away. Sweet dreams, my little princess. May your wishes all come true and may your next day be as filled with fun & excitement as today.


Your Daddy

February 2009 099

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2 Responses to Fairy Kisses & Bear Hugs

  1. ruth ann says:

    HOW SWEET!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    OMG! This puts a tear in my eye! I know that when I’m rocking Elyjah to sleep and he holds on so tightly to my finger as I’m giving him a bottle, I hope it never ends. I hope he always needs his mama and continues to melt my heart daily. Love this post and love that you love your daughter so much!

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