Football Is For Boys…Right?

It’s that time of year again…Football Season! And we have it in full swing at our house. Christopher & all his friends are playing football (first game Sunday! I’ll post pictures!), I’ve been gearing up to work some NFL games (starting next week) and Steph and her friends are already looking at the high school, college & NFL schedules to see which games they can attend this fall.

And with school starting this week, so did high school football here in our little town. So we walked to watch the team scrimmage, just like last year at this time. And this year, Ava was just as excited as the boys! Except she was more excited about getting a snowcone than she was about football. Oh well…

Beechwood scrimmage 2009 004
Got her pigtails in and ready to cheer!

Beechwood scrimmage 2009 009
It’s not a long walk to the field

Beechwood scrimmage 2009 010
Hangin’ with the boys

Beechwood scrimmage 2009 011

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2 Responses to Football Is For Boys…Right?

  1. mom says:

    Just read two blogs now, and I think instead of saying “hanging with the boys” you should have said “just one of the boys”. I think you have a tom-boy on your hands. Just be careful when she gets to be 13 or 14. Payback time!!! Love….mom P.S. I bet Mandy’s crew would love that outing!!!

  2. I am proud to call myself a “football mom”. I wear many, many hats…on Friday Nights my husband and I are the EMT’s for our local high school football team, we’ve been doing this for 5 years. Away games, I travel with the team, while my husband stays home and “man’s’ the fort”. I started EMT’ing in 2005, when my son played football, and I would safely say it has become my obsession…these are my boys, this is my team, I do this voluntarily…I love football. I have two older brothers, we lived in Alabama…one doesn’t come out of the south not lovin’ football. No, football is NOT just for boys. : )

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