Carson Palmer Can’t Do This

Christopher’s first game was scheduled for today. Unfortunately the other team couldn’t field enough players to play against his team (his pee wee league has 3 teams: green, white & black), so the black scrimmaged against the white team and Christopher made the most of it. He’s still working on his defense but his offense seems to have no trouble putting it in the endzone. He scored 2 touchdowns today, both on quarterback sneaks! Here are some pictures and a video of him scoring his 2nd TD. Watch as he heads outside, only to cut back, shake off a few tacklers and rumbles into the endzone for a TD celebration!

Christopher's 1st Football Game (1)
Ready to play!

Christopher's 1st Football Game (3)
Taking the field

Christopher's 1st Football Game (11)
The pregame CHARGE!

Christopher's 1st Football Game (13)
He came ready to play!

Christopher's 1st Football Game (19)
A beautiful day for football

The BIG play!

Christopher's 1st Football Game (21)
The end of the game (I gotta get a camera with a zoom lens…)

Christopher's 1st Football Game
Great game dude!

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5 Responses to Carson Palmer Can’t Do This

  1. mom says:

    That’s no qb sneak. That’s a naked bootleg. He faked the handoff and bootlegged the left end. Great cut back. I’m proud of you Chris, and we’ll watch you live on the 5th!!! Love ya……grandpa

  2. kat says:

    I was wondering how mom knew all those terms, then I got to the end of the comment and figured it out:)

    To Chris: AWESOME!! YOU ROCK!!

    You got a proud smile and nod from your uncle bill and I was cheering as if I was really there!

    love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Blah la Blah says:

    I don’t know much about football, but great job!

  4. ruth ann says:

    WOO HOO, I could hear
    Steph, tell her she needs to yell louder LOL!!!
    great play

  5. Dea says:

    That was awesome! I just wish we were there to see it! I hope no one has sacked you yet!! 🙂

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