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Normally I don’t like to open my blog up for controversy, especially one of this magnitude…but I’m curious. I’ve had friends who have brought up healthcare on their Facebook updates and there have been some heated arguments for and against such an idea. I haven’t decided. In all honesty, I think there has to be SOMETHING done, but I can’t decide what is the best way to go. Considering how slimy insurance companies have become and considering how slimy the government can be, I don’t know what the best options are. Here’s what I do know…

I’m a 40-year old male with limited health risk. Prior to 2 years ago when I had back issues and received 3 epidurals for back pain, I had experienced limited health problems. I had a skin mark removed from my face, had a few trips to the doctor for colds & what not, regular teeth cleanings. Your basic health things that over a 40 year span you kinda have happen but nothing like a multi-million dollar surgery or anything. So now, I assume because of the epidurals, I cannot seem to get affordable coverage from ANY health insurance company because I’m apparently considered a liability.

Let me say up front…I understand that health insurance is a luxury. There is nothing guaranteed in life so to have health insurance in case of a medical emergency is something that is not necessarily a given. I don’t expect the insurance companies to GIVE away health coverage for free and I understand that they are essentially running a business and intend on making money. In no way, shape or form do I consider the health insurance industry to be operating out of the goodness of their own heart. So with that being said, I’m amused by the fact that I cannot find one company that is willing to look at MY case (non-smoker, history of clean living, no broken bones, no surgeries) and think that maybe I’m not that big of a deal and insure me for a reasonable price. I am willing to pay my premiums for a reasonable price, but what they are asking is a jeopardy to my family and our home. Seriously…asking a grand a month (or something close to that) is absolutely insane. It’s price gouging and I refuse to pay for it.

So in comes the Obama plan. Now I am not gonna say this is the answer. I’m sure there is lots of fine print to read and I understand why everyone has concerns. This is a free country and to have the government overseeing the healthcare industry might potentially be a disaster. Look at all the other things our political pundits have managed to screw up. Not sayin’ they aren’t trying, and maybe right now there are good intentions, but you have to wonder…given the opportunity…who in Washington might see potential in making some big dough by being in charge of health care for the wealthiest country on Earth? In my head I can see fat businessmen rubbing their hands together and salivating to get their hands on the money that will be trading hands in THAT situation. It’s not pretty.

So here’s what I would like to propose. I am looking for your thoughts on this matter. And I don’t want any screaming or yelling or calling names or slamming thoughts or ideas. That is what is getting us in trouble. Instead of working together, we seem to always be miles apart and it would be nice if, for once, we could at least have an educated and civil discussion about such a heated topic. I can’t watch the news anymore…it’s giving me a headache. Can’t we just talk and come up with ideas about how to take care of this? It IS what free speech and free thinking is all about. So I am looking for comments! But be warned…I won’t post comments that are negative and angry on here. I am not trying to start a fight. I am just looking for honest opinions and answers. So let’s give this a shot, shall we? I hope I don’t hate myself in the morning…

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7 Responses to United States Health Care

  1. Like you, I realize that something needs to be done and I don’t know what the answer is.

    We have not had the luxury of health care offered at our places of employment. And up until a couple of years ago, we were not able to afford it.

    I know insurance companies make loads of money. I see their beautiful high-rise buildings. I hear about all the extravagant bonuses. I hear about how granny’s treatment got denied because they deemed it unnecessary.

    But I also know just how well a government run plan works, too. Just look at Medicare!

    And I also know that people want to work on government jobs because it is so easy to bilk $$ out of them. If the people only knew of all the wasted dollars! I’ll give you an example.

    In our line of work, we don’t do much in the way of government contracts. We bid one recently for a state university. We make good money when we charge $350 per sprinkler head installed. On this job, we were low bid at $1200 per sprinkler head! Seriously, low bid!! Over three times what is normal.

    So you take that knowledge and spread it out over all the government contracts out there and it is easy to see why we are in such a mess. And the government putting its finger in another pie could only lead to an even bigger mess.

  2. PCL says:

    Loved your article. I too am among the healthy and I see my regular doctor, maybe once a year. I see my Gyno once a year as well. See the dentist twice a year for cleanings as well. I pay a good chunk of change for health insurance, too.

    I am not willing to give up my private insurance, and I believe I won’t have to (I’m not into conspiracy theories, I actually believe Obama when he says I won’t have to give up my plan).

    I also don’t have a problem with some of my tax dollars going to help insure those who can’t for some reason acquire health insurance on their own–I figure it will somehow benefit us as a society.

    However, I am a little annoyed with the way we Americans take care, or rather don’t take care, of ourselves. The American lifestyle of excess, has contributed to the skyrocketing cost of health care and the high cost of the government’s proposed health care. I take care of myself, I live a life of moderation (having a French mother helped mold that philosophy in me). I have a problem with my tax dollars paying for the continued and worsening bad habits of others.

    Americans need to take care of themselves first–then health care will be much cheaper for all, regardless if it comes from the government or through private insurance plans.


  3. mom says:

    I don’t know, Woody. I think I woud rather invest the $6 billion dollars into Medicare for all workers paying into SS and Medicare instead of giving it to the insurance companies. I have to have supplemental insurance to cover what medicare does not pay, and every year the insurance companes raise my premium. No sickness, no hospitalization–just premium hikes. And, if I have read the PROPOSAL (no bill yet), correctly, the public option is that every worker paying into SS and Medicare will be covered and their families. If you like your present insurance, you do not need to choose the public option. But if you do NOT like your coverage, or if you do not have coverage at all, then you have the option of receiving medicare as your insurance coverage. Not at age 65, but now. Open for discussion, as I said, this is what I understood what I read. Rebuttal, please. And no name calling or hollering. Go by Alan’s rules. Love….mom

  4. kmcdade says:

    I think it’s pretty convincing that a very strong majority of people in other countries like Canada, Britain, and France are very happy with their single-payer or socialized health care. And that’s really what I favor (Medicare for all). However, I do understand that there could be serious problems in paying for that, given our national deficit situation.

    At the very least, insurance reform with a public option seems like a reasonable choice to me.

    Someone on another blog brought up the idea of high-deductible insurance plus HSA, which I know is favored by many people as well. So why not offer that as one of the choices, too?

  5. mom says:

    Actually, monies from S.S. and Medicare are given to other programs. They pay farmers NOT to grow, say, corn. That will keep the price of corn up, thus helping the farmers get a better price for their product, stores maintain a profit, etc, all down the line. The farmer’s bill is just one of many that is paid for by the S.S. and Medicare monies. There are so many IOU’s in the SS and Med files that it is ridiculous. The monies for the beginning of the Gulf War came from the same program. If all the IOU’s were paid, and they didn’t bankroll any other programs with the SS and Med programs, then there would be plenty of money. Also, the tax break for those who make MORE THAN $250,000.00 per year is just about to run out, and no renewal is in sight. We could use the tax money on our ins. program. I mean, if I, or you, must pay income tax on ALL MY INCOME, then so should EVERYBODY. Just sayin’ Love….mom

  6. Frank says:

    SIMPLE SOLUTION: Everyone eat an apple a day.

  7. Neighbor says:

    I believe the old fashion cash system can work. There was a time, 11 years ago, I was without insurance so I paid cash for Doctor visits. I only went to the doctor when I was sick and I even went to a Chiropractor twice during this time period. I had no problem paying with cash. I even set up payments (Chiropractor visit was $150 and I paid $75 at time of visit and $75 one month later). I think the solution is more private sector options and less government intervention. Before HMO’s the cash option was a common practice. Small companies couldn’t afford health insurance for everyone so they didn’t provide insurance. Employees were responsible for their own care. This also increased salaries as there is a total cost of employment that is considered and employee insurance is a big piece of those costs, usually 23-30%. I think personal responsibility is always the right answer. Less government and more personal accountability and our insurance companies will be forced to lower prices to compete with other competing solutions.

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