Konversations With Kids: The One Where We Talk Football

August 2009 180

On the walk to school today, Christopher told me about his football practice last night. I couldn’t go because I was working, so I asked him how it went. His coaches have been moving him around to different positions. And so then it went down like this…

Me: “So how was practice last night? They put you back at quarterback?”

Christopher: “No. I played a different position.”

Me: “Oh yeah? Where are they playing you now?”

Christopher: “Well…they had me playing cornerback. Which I like.”

Me: “Good!”

Christopher: “And I was also playing…uh…what’s the 2 positions in the back?”

Me: “Safety?”

Christopher: “No…in the back.”

Me: “Are you talking on defense?”

Christopher: “No. I mean yes. In the back…”

Me: “Well…there is the free safety and the strong safety.”

Christopher: “No. The other back.”

Me: “On offense? Are you talking about a running back?”

Christopher: “No.”

Me: “The Halfback?”

Christopher: “No.”

Me: “The Tailback?”

Christopher: “No…I don’t know.”

Me: “On offense BEHIND the quarterback…right?”

Christopher: “Yes. Back in the back. Behind the quarterback.”

Me: “Uh…a Fullback?”

Christopher: “No. I don’t know. Forget it.”

Me: “Are you lined up BEHIND the quarterback. You’re not talking a Wide Receiver are you? They guy that catches passes?”

Christopher: “No. The 2 guys BEHIND. In the back…”

Me: “Well ya got me bud. There are only guys who are running the ball behind the quarterback usually.”

Christopher: “Maybe it’s Linebacker?”

Me: “That’s defense.”

Christopher: “Oh. What was that first one you said?”

Me: “Uh…which one?”

Christopher: “That first one behind the quarterback.”

Me: “The Running Back?”

Christopher: “Yeah. That’s it…I think.”

Me: “Did you like it?”

Christopher: “Yes. But is he one of the guys in the back?”

Me: “Hey! Look at those birds in the sky….”


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