Football & Family

Christopher On The Field

A beautiful Saturday for football and today, Grandma, Grandpa & cousin Alarik made the trek all the way from Zanesville to watch Christopher take the field.

Spartans vs Dayton (4)
Proud grandparents.

Spartans vs Dayton (12)

Spartans vs Dayton (39)

Spartans vs Dayton (48)
Watching the action.

Spartans vs Dayton (8)

Truthfully…Christopher didn’t get many offensive touches. But he DID make a great TD saving tackle! It’s from a good distance, but hopefully you can see him catch up with the running back and bring him down!

Spartans vs Dayton (35)
Distracting the opponent with a quick game of thumb wrestling.

Spartans vs Dayton (67)
Taking his helmet off after the game.

Spartans vs Dayton (2)

Spartans vs Dayton (73)
The post-game meal.

Spartans vs Dayton (79)
A great day!

And his team pictures came back on Thursday. Check out THIS cool card…

Baseball  Card

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  1. I. CAN. Not. Wait. for Ben to play! These are awesome photos.

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