Ava’s 1st Day of Kindergarten

Dunno what happened but I forgot to post this last week! Here are some photos of Ava’s first day of kindergarten! She is attending full days and has loved every second of it so far. The only downside…getting up at the crack of dawn! 🙂

New York_August 2009 148
Getting her hair done for school.

New York_August 2009 152
All ready to go!

New York_August 2009 156
On the road to success!

New York_August 2009 157
Heading to school.

New York_August 2009 158
Ava LOVES art!

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4 Responses to Ava’s 1st Day of Kindergarten

  1. So cute! I remember those days.

  2. mom says:

    She is so pretty. Of course, she’s mine and I know her mommy and daddy personally, and they are quite a good-looking couple. Ergo–pretty Ava. (Keep your shotgun ready, son. You may need it in a few years!!!) Love…mom

  3. Badass Geek says:

    Kindergarten was SO much fun.

  4. AWW! IT was Bens’ first day too. So happy you got a lot of photos. I still look back at my daughters (and cry a little).

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