Facebook vs Twitter

Facebook VS Twitter

As all my friends (all 400+ of them. I’m still hunting down a few…but I swear I can’t remember anyone else…) can attest…I’m kind of a Facebook fanatic. I LOVE the Facebook and all it does. From allowing me to make new friends to bringing old friends back into my life, I can’t seem to come up with one bad thing to say about it. It has everything I love in the internet world. It allows me to chat. It allows me to update my status in my own snarky way. It allows me to promote this blog. It allows me to participate in games (which I don’t do. but if I DID want to…I could do it!). I can upload photos. It allows me to throw sheep at people (dunno what THAT is all about). It is just an awesome tool and a great way to stay in contact with people I have either lost touch with or who have busy lives and don’t have the time to sit down chat with me for 2 hours. It’s perfect for a guy like me and I use it to its fullest capacity.

Twitter, on the other hand, I don’t get. Don’t get me wrong…I understand the idea of it. But I don’t get what everyone loves about it. In a nutshell, you can make a 140 letter comment. It is basically like a Facebook status update…but it’s not. It’s usually random thoughts sent out to the internet world with no one particular person in mind. Not that you CAN’T send a message to someone directly (which you can), but of the few people I follow, usually their comments are just random and irrelevent. Some use Twitter the same way I use Facebook…to promote their blogsites. Some use to to chat in a Twitterverse sort of way (I think AIM or even Facebook’s Chat is faster and more personal). Others use Twitter to follow celebrities and their every whimsical thought. I dunno…I guess I just don’t care what Dane Cook is thinking about every second of the day (I tried following him but then deleted him).

Either way you go, there isn’t a right or a wrong. I am just a Facebook person. But who knows…for the longest time I was a Myspace person and then THAT all fell by the waste side (I haven’t even looked at my Myspace page in ages!). So there might be hope for Twitter for me yet. But I wouldn’t bet on it. I don’t have the interest. Not that I don’t like you and all…but random thoughts just aren’t my thing. Unless you’re my friend on Facebook. Then I’ve got all kinds of snarky responses all ready for ya!

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6 Responses to Facebook vs Twitter

  1. I like twitter so much more than facebook. I rarely get on facebook. Maybe because I don’t want to be in touch with high school people? : ) Twitter takes awhile to “get.” It is awesome for networking with total strangers. It is awesome for marketing your blog. BUT — to make that happen you have to follow more than a few people. I’ve networked w/some amazing writers. I’ve made friends. I’ve gained readers for 24. I’ve met business people in my community. Awesome!

  2. I don’t get Twitter either. My dad always thinks he’s so hip and modern (doesn’t have cable, cell phone, or the internet, has never even USED a computer) because he knows all about Twitter. He asked me if I twitter, and I’m all like, Eff to the NO. And now I never will. Puke.

  3. Eh, I am not much of a FB person, the only reason I did twitter was cause someone asked me too on my blog…so I did…..but I get your arguments….I think if I didn’t have a blog, i wouldn’t do any of it 🙂

  4. Danielle-Lee says:

    I like Twitter b/c you can have a conversation w/ someone and still be ‘safe’, ya know? They don’t have to know my email address, my real name, where I live, etc. AT the same time, I really only talk to folks I know, ya know? Not that I’m open to new twitter-friendships, but most of the people I converse w/ every day are people I also talk w/ on the phone, via email, and chat w/ on MSN. So…yeah.

  5. Blah la Blah says:

    FB all the way. Not a twitter fan. May have something to do with my lack of followers on it. Seems pointless. It just draws attention to the fact that my life is pretty monotonous and I have no creative, or original thoughts. It is bad for my ego.

  6. mom says:

    I like my cell phone. It plays something like “you got a call, pick up the phone” and is real bee-bop. I also love to hear your voice. Throwing kisses, non-sensical talk, and then the inevitable “bye-bye mom”. Call me old-fashioned!! Love….mom

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