Artwork Breakdown

The mind of a 7-year old boy works in magical ways. The other day Christopher brought home some artwork and dutifully showed me all of the detailed work that went into each part of the drawing. Here is a detailed look at “Artwork By Christopher”…

Random Pics 007
The Artwork

Rainbow in the upper right surrounded by clouds.

Santa on the housetop, bringing the kids toys.

The airport with a terminal sign and a water smudge where apparently he dribbled some water while he was drawing.

Wait Line
The wait line at school where Mom & I pick him up.

Football School
The football field where we throw the football. And a dog. I dunno why…

And what artwork could go without an alien sitting in the clouds?

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3 Responses to Artwork Breakdown

  1. kat says:

    now that’s a keeper for the ol scrapbook!

  2. Danielle-Lee says:

    That is so incredibly adorable. You better save that one!

    Planning on it!

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