Top 10 Reason To Love My Awful Haircut


Yeah…yeah…yeah. This new haircut sucks. But that’s okay. And here are the Top 10 reasons WHY it’s okay…despite what my family might say…

10. I’m cooler.
I don’t mean “style” wise. I’m talking my head is cooler now I don’t have anything keeping the heat in. Which is nice because it seems like I’m always hot. Must be PMS…

9. I use less shampoo.
Which in today’s economy is a plus.

8. Less grey!
Not that I have a lot…but it is definitely LESS noticeable now!

7. My head LOOKS bigger.
Sure…it’s shaped like an egg…but with less hair, it TOTALLY looks like I’m a super genious or something like that…

6. No haircut needed for a really, really loooooong time.
Yeah…it’s gonna be a while before THIS grows back…

5. No styling needed!
So now…instead of the 4 minutes I used to spend drying it and gelling it and making sure it looked good, I dry it with a towel aaaaaaand DONE!

4. I get to wear a baseball hat…
ALL the time! Yes!

3. It’s good for a laugh
Sure…I’m the butt of many jokes and my kids laugh at me hysterically, but I’ve always been one to take my misfortunes in stride and THIS cut is pretty silly lookin’…

2. My wife takes pity on me
I just give her the puppy dog eyes and take off my hat and she immediately looks at me and feels sympathetic. Its sad…but it works.

1. My hair does NOT look as bad as this…

Nuff said…

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5 Responses to Top 10 Reason To Love My Awful Haircut

  1. kat says:

    it’s really not that bad. you’re still a hottie, just ask steph!

  2. ha ha! You’re so funny! : )

  3. It’s kind of growing on me. 😉

  4. Blah la Blah says:

    Nope, it can’t look as bad as that photo.

  5. No. 1 and 2? PRICELESS….

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