What The Heck…Donny Osmond?

Donny Osmond

I’m all for youth and looking younger and all…but is it just me or is Donny Osmond just a freak? Seriously…he SAYS he’s 51 (quoted from last night’s “Dancing With The Stars” episode) but I gotta believe the guy is going on 61. I mean…he’s been around FOREVER. I swear when I was 5 he HAD to be at least 16. And then I remember having a couple of hits in the late 80’s (“Soldier Of Love” & “Sacred Emotion”) when he HAD to have been in his 30’s. And NOW he’s popped up on “Dancing” and I swear the guy looks like he’s 28 years old!

There has got to be a secret here. Is Donny really a cult leader, sacrificing virgins to the evil god of youth? There’s not a grey hair, there’s not a wrinkle, there’s not a sign of slowing down. There’s something amiss here people…and I want answers!

Donny Osmond is up to something and it needs to be investigated. Because there is NO WAY this guy is ONLY 51 years old. And dancing with some hot starlet like he’s 19 again.


You are up to no good and I know eventually the secret will be discovered that, not only have you been dancing with the stars, but you’ve been dancing with some kind of devil also. The gig is up dude! And you are an evil, evil man.

Damn you Donny Osmond…making me feel all old and crap…

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36 Responses to What The Heck…Donny Osmond?

  1. He’s got to be older than 51, I agree. Let’s see … face lift(s), botox, rogaine if not hair transplants, hair dye, probably a tummy tuck and some liposuction too – ! We see it all the time here in glorious southern california!

  2. Evy says:

    Give the gentleman a break. He lives a clean life, never touched illegal drugs or drank alcohol. You’ll be surprised how well one can age and besides, we are as young as we feel and Donny feels like he’s in his 20s.

    Other than coloring his hair, that 51 year old named Donny Osmond is true and true!

    Uh…actually I was ADMIRING the fact that he has aged so well. I’m 40. I can only HOPE I look as good as he does at his age…

  3. mom says:

    Donny Osmond: Born December 9, 1957. He’s Mormon, so he hasn’t touched drugs or alcohol. However, I agree with 24 at heart……all of the above. I haven’t touched drugs or alcohol or smoked anything in my life. And tho I am nearly 68, I could probably pass for, oh, say, 39? Right, Alan? Right? ALAN…RIGHT? Answer me. Love……mom

    OKAY!!! YES YES!!! You look 39! Geez…

  4. Chris Kittinger says:

    He was born in December, all the guys who manage to look younger than they are were born in December. Donny Osmond, me, Alan… oh wait. Thanks for spoiling that theory for me Alan.

  5. megan says:

    Heyy,I Loove Donny Osmond!

  6. silvana says:

    Do you realize that Donny wears a Hairpiece?
    Geez all his son’s have thinning and receding hairlines
    and Donny’s father was slick bald!!

    • mariegreene says:

      You do realize that out of the 7 boys in the Osmonds, only 2 are bald, not including Donny and its the Mother’s gene that controls male pattern baldness, not the father’s, so your theory of his Dad having anything to do with it is stupid.

  7. MarkinScottsdale says:

    You are right. He and his publicist have shaved quite a few years off of his “official” age. Depending on who you read, he’s said to be anywhere from 48 to 60. The truth is about 58 or 59. As for his “perpetual youth”…

    He went to the same “name” surgeon I used myself (this is the one guy in the US who specializes in plastic surgery for men. Some of the best work on men in the movie industry and dozens of Broadway actors has been his handiwork. Like Redford (who waited far too long) and Robin Williams, Harrison Ford, and I’ve ‘heard’ that recently he’s worked on Brenden Frasier, too. And no,this doc is NOT in Beverly Hills. But he’s not that far away, either. This Plastic Surgeon is known for his “full facial rejuvenation” and his fees are quite high but they’re inclusive of whatever it takes. But unless you can drop mid five figures, this guy isn’t doing charity work. However you do get what you pay for and when it’s your face, famous or not, you don’t want the second string guys doing the work. A bad facelift on a woman can be hidden with make-up, hairdo’s, and decent lighting until it settles down and relaxes in a year or two. A man cannot do that. Remember Burt Reynolds when he lost all resemblance to himself? Or William Shatner’s first facelift when he looked like a billiard ball for a while? Those were too tight, overly agressive facelifts on men. And they’re awful! Both Reynolds and Shatner have had them redone a couple of times and now look like themselves, only better than they would have without the surgery. Donnie has had a brow lift, his lower lids done, and possibly a bit of skin tightening on the mid face. If you look closely you can see the brow and upper 1/3 rd of his face is much higher and firmer than the lower 2/3rds. Also Donnie’s had his hairline rebuild with micro-grafts. The hairline looks to me as though it should be just a 1/4 of an inch lower, but I think his doc was being conservative. Donnie Osmond did age well, but he’s had some major help keeping it that way, too.

    NO MAN looks that good naturally as they near 60. Look for him to take a hiatus from Vegas and come back “rested and refreshed” soon. One of the nurses told me he had scheduled a full face after ‘Dancing’ was off for the season.

    Do you know the “keys to eternal youth” – Hollywood Style? Easy: Diet, Exercise, and a damned good plastic surgeon!

  8. kathy says:

    i have seen pretty nasty coments donny is a very sweet man i had met him in milwaukee he sat and talked to me as he was just like me! donny is very hansome i have a feeling alot of men are wishing they looked as good as him!
    and didn’t your parents teach to if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all!! i hope donny keeps singing his music is so much from his heart! same goes for marie! maybe someday i willget to see them in vegas! i herd it is so wonderful! i will have to save up but donny keep up all your wonderfull work! kathy

  9. Tina Salmon says:

    There is alot u do NOT know about Donny Osmond..there is the good..and there is the bad.
    1. He is NOT Mormon…2. He does drink alittle..3. He has a girlfriend. And finally..Donny IS NOT really Married!!!!!!!!!!
    You all may not believe to this above…but this is very true..I work with him!!
    Ohh, no worries there is alot more that u all do not know about Donny Osmond.

    Somehow I’m thinking I now know a lot more than I ever thought I would…

    • DJ says:

      Donny has got a GIRLFRIEND??????? Who is She..Where is she??? And he isn’t Mormon..and he doesn’t drink??? WTF is going on here??????????????
      Tina?? if you see and read this? U should come out more into the public with this. I would LOVE to c where this REALLY goes.
      Donny has got himself a woman!! OMG!!!! Well, I met his “WIFE” Debbie and she is a BITCH!! (Not a very nice person at all)!!!

    • mariegreene says:

      OOOKAYY and when did the space aliens visit you??

    • Gail says:

      Are you having a laugh!

      None of the above is true.


    • what? says:

      Seriously? You are Tina Salmon? His assistant? You work for him and posting these claims? So aren’t you afraid of being fired. I would fire you! You are not Tina Salmon.

    • Kim Price says:

      If this really is Donny’s personal assistant Tina…she should be totally ashamed of herself. I would never talk the kind of crap about my employer that you have. Regardless of if it is all true or not. What kind of person are you with absolutly no loyalty what so ever. BITCH!

  10. JF says:

    Well well Tina..it is about time that you found out about the turth OHHH THERE is ALOT more you have to know..ALOT more.
    My question is to you..who is Donny’s girlfriend..Dare to tell???????? And did he ask her???

  11. DJ says:

    DONNY HAS GOT A GIRL????? OMG!!!!! Ok..where is she?? who is she??. NOT A MORMON?????? WTF??????????????? is going on??? Now I hear that Jay and Kandi r NOT getting a divorce. Maybe it is Donny and Deb?? I wonder.!!! HE drinks???? OMG..I WOULD LOVE to know more.
    Ohh I do believe this..cause this wouldn’t of been posted.
    Tina?? if u get to read and see this..come out more into the public to say and tell more…i would LOVE to c where this is going to go.
    Unbelieveable..Donny has got himself a woman!!!!. I met his wife Debbie…i never did like her. She is a BITCH!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ok..ok..Look at the rest of the brothers…Alan…his hair is NOT balding..Merrill..Wayne..and Jay, they r older then Donny. LIKE HEELLOOOOO!!! No probs there with their hair. Yes u have Virl and Tom..they took after the father’s side. . And of course Jimmy’s hair is real tool! As for their age?? Age is just a number. They look after themselves by jogging..walking, working out. It is called excersize!!! Eat right..like?? Come-on.
    If these “famous people” want to look like Mr (or) Miss Universe…then so b
    it..That’s up to the indivdual..like Who cares. Everybody wants to look and be young. U gotta feel it!!!
    Now as for the other side to them as to what the article from Tina Salmon says…well?? who’s to say. Maybe there is another side to the OSMONDS..that we all do not know of. If Donny has a “girlfriend”..then good for him..LUCKY GUY!!! If he is not Mormon..he (should) still believes in God. If he drinks…so what…who cares. If he isn’t really married..then he living comman-law. Like who cares. I met alot of famous people and they r just the same as u and I!! There are worse people off out there then DONNY OSMOND! Or any-body else! We are all human..let’s try to get along..and see the goodness in each other instead of “Judging” others.
    Writen by, M.A.D (Making A Difference)

  13. Michelle says:

    Donny Osmond was born on Dec 9, 1957. He is married and holds true to his Mormon faith.

    His entire life has been documented on television and all you have to do nowadays is watch a few youtube videos to see him in action. I remember being ten years old when the Donny and Marie show came on television and Donny was 18 years old.

    Posting that you know the real truth is ridiculous especially when all you have to do is do a little research to find out the truth. He was 54 years old as of December 2011. He was born just a few months before Michael Jackson and Madonna.

  14. Marty says:

    Let me say that Donny is Mormon. Always has been and always will be…He is happily married to Debbie going on 34 years. They were just on 20/20 on that show about celebrity couples beign married in Hollywood and they were one of the happy couples. They love each other and will be married till death do them part. He doesn’t drink and no face lift. I’ve seen him up close before after one of his shows when he was greeting all his fans. He has told his fans he used botox once,hated it ,and never did that again. You can tell it’s true with the natural folds on his face. He is only 54yo and I myself just turned 53yo . I’ve never had a facelift nor used botox and I look alot younger than my age. Some of us take care of ourselves and also doesn’t hurt to have good family gene. He exercises and keeps in shape and he takes Protandim. Which has natural vitamins and other health supplements. He has been on many talk shows and has done many interviews if any of you ever cared to find out the truth instead of listening to people who pretend to be another person…That person that wrote that stuff above is not Tina Salmon. She still remains friends with the Osmonds and as a matter of fact, has been friends with Debbie since they were young. I keep seeing the same words and the same thing being posted in different places about Donny by the same person for several years now…I guess this person has a vendetta against him and for the life of me don’t know why. He is nothing but kind and sweet person not only to his fans but to everyone who meets him…He is a family man….Just did a cruise with his sister for their fans. The D & M cruise and his family was with him. His wife, their children and their sons spouses and their grandchildren. This is to that person impersonating Tina Salmon you are a joke and nobody who has two brain cells to rub together is going to believe one word. Don’t you get tired of going around now for several years posting the same stuff over and over word per word. My advice to you is to GET A LIFE and get over whatever it is you have against Donny Osmond!

    • Kim Price says:

      Thank you. I have been following The Osmonds since the Donny and Marie Show. That is over thirty years of feeling a connection with all of them. So, of course I knew this person was not someone that Donny would have working for him. And I know who he is. He is a wonderful husband and father who is human. And he loves his fans with all of his heart. And I resent everyone implying that he is so much older than he says. This is total agism. 54 is not that old!! Especially for a man that takes very good care of himself and adds a supplement (Protamdim) to his everyday regiment. He isnt lying about that. He has way too many fans out there that know the truth.,,,because we have been with him for so long. HE is US. We grew up with him and he grew up with us. Love you Donny and I love your whole family. God bless you all.

  15. So, BITE ME says:

    Has anyone heard Donny on the radio? There was a comment not too long ago that was said by DONNY OSMOND HIMSELF. And he says and quotes:
    ” I was on stage and I watched a coackroach going across the stage, I walk over to it and look down and say Is that you Marie?”,
    NOW, That was said by DONNY OSMOND himself. NOW, Why would he say that. Donny and Marie are close. That was said right on air on the radio. I wouldn’t say that about my own brother or sister. Never mind saying that on the radio.

    Here’s another one for ya’s Donny ALWAYS–ALWAYS says “My wife this, my wife that, My wife, my wife”. NOW, Let me ask you all this!? Have you ever, EVER heard Debbie said or SAY—“My Husband”? come-on, be honest! Well? have ya’s????????? I have NEVER EVER heard Debbie say My husband this or my husband that..never mind saying my husband!! IF ANYONE HAS HEARD debbie say My Husband?? please post put a video post it on ‘youtube’.

    Donny doesn’t even kiss her LOONNGG enough..watch videos of them both when “kissing”
    Debbie DOES not really particualy like the media. In fact she HATES it. She ONLY has to do it cause she is living with Donny, and Donny is a celeb/famous, that’s why.

    Donny does lie…he does. DO NOT KID yourself Donny is NOT all that perfect either. You all just have not seen that other side like i have. You all think he is this “Mr. Clean”.

    They have cancelled ALOT of their shows in the past, even up to now the present. EVEN 10 minutes pior before the show starts..10 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOW. With No explaination, none what-so-ever. U wanna go to a concert (Donny and Marie’s) and it is cancelled before it starts?? Well? do ya’s???? I have and it’s NOT pretty! U spend $$$–time–and wait for them and then their show is cancelled??? like hellooo??????.

    So, there is ALOT that meets the eye here ok? The Osmonds are NOT ALL THIS “Sqeacky clean” type of people. There is ALWAYS to sides of people…ALWAYS!!!!!!!.

  16. what? says:

    Oh yeah I knew people that were close to the Osmonds and what a let down!! When you hear how they all fight, etc. I never knew which Osmond to put with each claim but someone that worked with them in Branson claimed “one was a nice guy”, “one was a pathological liar”, one was perinoid and one was a prick. I’m thinking Jimmy went with the prick. He’s a typical businessman/prick. I know the older brothers resented him. Jay’s wife was a nut case. Wayne and his wife depressed introverts. Merrill questionable “female” “just” friends. Saw a Donny and Marie talk show episode where Donny was telling story about the time the tabloids came to his house asking his wife Debbie about his affair with some then famous actress. He did the fist thing about them doing it in front of his young boys, but then he made a mistake and explained him and this actress was just friends and went to movies together…Audience seemed in disagreement with that. I would beat the crap out of my husband if he was “hanging out going to movies with beautiful actresses” WTF?!

    • For ALL the above says:

      The Osmonds??? THEY DO FIGHT!!!!!! THEY REALLLYYY DO!!.

      Debbie is not a nice person..really. BEHIND closed doors she is VERY DIFFERENT…VERY! Debbie being a VERY dammanding person. A “Bitch”.

      I was staying at The Flamingo where Donny and Marie DO perform and I booked a suite (which) was beside one suite that I DID NOT know I was beside the suite/room of Donny and Debbie.

      Debbie DID..BTW??? this is NOT a lie. I was playing a CD (in the evening before the show) BY Donny Osmond and GUESS WHAT?? Debbie came over, knocked on the door told me “to turn it down”..WHICH by the way I DID NOT have it NOR NOT had it loud in the 1st place. SO???????? I mean come-on!!!!

      I DO VERY much AND DO believe in the article from “Tina Salmon” AND “So Bite me”. THERE IS Secrets..OHH THERE IS….do NOT kid yourselves.

      Yes, I have been to many of Donny and Marie’s concert and this one they canceled their performace in LV an hour before show..WITHOUT ANY explaination! There was NO emergency NOTHING, I wasted time AND $$$$. I did get my money back but that does NOT explain their re-actions to this. AND yes I also do agree that Donny ALWAYS says “my wife this…my wife that..my wife..my wife”. And Debbie?? NEVER says “My Husband” And I do see that they do NOT kiss that long enough anyways.

      Today?? they still perform @ The Flamingo BUT now their scheduling has been changed I believe (it was) due to all their sickness..and other personal problems. Since April of this year they had OVER 7 weeks off from performing. They are still going to get to have MORE time off. I “Believe” they r having time off in August of 2012. NOW?? I do not know if this is to do with Marie’s “NEW” TV show?? or what???

      They (the family) have to get together once in while for “Photo opportunity” They tell them to “smile” and they do. AND that is it!!. As I look at their pics of themselves, I see sadness. I REALLY DO. I DO NOT see the happiness in their smile as I once did. THEY HIDE IT VERY WELL!!!!!!!!

      So again..I strongly do agree with “Tina” and “So bite me”. There is ALOT that you all do not know. ALOT. There is NOT a—or this “Sweet and Innocent” side to The Osmonds.

      There is a TRUTH behind ALL of this. Yes..they are kind and GREAT people..I agree..I am MORE than an Osmond fan myself, (and I am NOT afraid to tell all..the truth that is) but?? there is a “Behind The Closed Door”.that you do NOT know of.

      They do swear—THEY DO. They do fight—They do. And they DO DRINK!!! and I do NOT mean Kool-aid or Lemond-aid! Get my drift?????? And NO..they are NOT Mormons!!!!!

      • For ALL the above says:

        I just want to add to this. Debbie KNEW it was Donny on that CD (that I was playing) when she had came over to knock at my door. !!!

  17. wattever says:

    If you watch Donny’s first concert video from London, there is a scene where a fan asks for a kiss. He allows her to kiss him on the cheek and Tina Salmon says, “don’t let Debbie see this”. I think she is pretty jealous. I have seen him in interviews make statements like “we’ve been through a bunch of crap”. I wouldn’t trust him either I know for a fact that his brother Merrill had a women in every town. So osmond fans get your heads out of your butts they are men, and just human.

  18. Great Site says:

    This is GREAT Stuff..both Good AND bad!. Thanks for posting them ALL!!! It is ALWAYS good to read/see BOTH sides of The Osmonds. I have a few “GOOD AND BAD” myself. I have heard and seen ALOT fans say both the good and the bad sides of The Osmonds.

    I have been a fan (myself) for MANY years. BUT the good and bad still will NOT change me on HOW I feel about them!. YES..they are a GREAT family!! BUT??? as to all celebs, they ALL have another side to them. THEY ALL DO, ALL OF THEM!!!!!! Look at The Jackson Family??? They are fighting..like? Tom Cruise?? Hey, now HE is Different! I can go on, you all get my drift.

    Donny just had another grandson. This is his 4th grandchild. Donny had tweeted this: “My 4th grandbaby has arrived” BUT he never really said what the child was, either a boy or girl. NONE of the family has not even congratulate him. BUT? his daughter-in-law (Shelby) had tweeted and sent out a pic of the child. SO~ Why did not Donny say or tell what this child was? and why did Shelby put this announcement out? AND most of all why not a Congrats to Donny and “Debbie” for their grandchild from the family??????? Donny is expecting his 5th grandchild next year. Well? if anyone knows the answers to these questions…let me know..ok?

    AGAIN?, Great posts!! the GOOD AND THE BAD!!!

  19. Jean says:

    Debbie is NOT a jealous person!! Tina Salmon Only said that to cover herself. THAT is NOT just a rumour..but..infact it is a LIE! Debbie is NOT jealous. If Deb was “jealous”?? like HEELLLOOOO!!! she would not ALOW ANY woman (fans) near Donny, So i mean..come-on. It is SO Infact Debra is a VERY damanding woman.!! I met her on a few times. And She is not a very pleasant person. It is true SHE IS NOT a nice person at ALL!!
    Donny has been and is going through “marriage hell”. You do not see it, that’s why this has been behind closed doors.
    This article is NOT in no “National Enquire, Not no “Gossip” Nor any other magizine. This was in the newspaper..YES an NEWPAPER, last year. I have kept this article. It is about Donny’s marriage. This was under the “entertainment section”
    This is the article ITSELF:—-Donny Osmond Marriage Hell: DONNY Osmond and his wife are splitting up, friends fear! In this week’s newspaper Entertainment Report, the couple’s heartbreak – and the surprising reason why their marriage is teetering on the brink of divorce.
    I heard through the “grape vine” that Tina Salmon (Donny’s Ex PA) Got FIRED!
    Yes I do agree TOTALY with “Great Site” comment. And all the rest that has had a bitter
    comment(s) of and about The Osmonds. YES..they are a FANTASTIC family!! BUT—-They are NOT perfect either. All–ALL these celebs?? They have their problems to..they are HUMAN…just like the rest of us!.

  20. Sue Ladyman says:

    If you click on Tina Salmons name here it goes straight to donny.com just saying

  21. monica stanley says:

    Who knew that Donny Osmond could evoke so many candid emotions! wow!…..although, I do have vivid memories of playing “date night with Donny Osmond” when I was five. He was my first love. You rock Donny!

  22. MORE then a TRUE Fan says:

    I have seen, heard and read about stories, rumours and gossip. I HOPE you all agree with me on this. I DO NOT care if The Osmonds are red, black & pink with a white stripe down the middle of their faces. They (I incuded) are NOT perfect, and neither any of us are. HEY!!, I STILL LOVE THEM for WHO and WHAT they ARE!! SO What if Donny is Not Mormon. I KNOW in my heart he and the rest of the family BELIEVES in GOD! So what if Donny drinks alittle..personally myself? i do not care if he drinks “period”. So what if he is not married or even has a girlfriend? I do not care, I still LOVE ALLL of them for WHO AND WHAT they are.!

    Leave this alone! I know alot of fans have been asking about when Donny be bringing out his new cd. LET HIM DO IT ON HIS TIME. I know alot of fans have been asking Donny to have another chat. Yes, it has been over an year now SINCE Donny had chatted with ALL of us. BUT LET DONNY do that on HIS time…NOT ours!.

    This is NOT / NOR ANY of our business. If They want to do OR tell something? let THEM do it on THEIR Time NOT ours!

    They are going through ALOT right now (PERSONALLY). There is ALOT that you do NOT know & if The Osmonds have these “secrets” OR anything else? then LET THEM come out with these “secrets” Or again? (if) anything else that they have to say?—then, let it be! EVERYTHING HAS A REASON! Rather we agree on / with this or not!

    TO those who are true fans? I MUST STRESS this, If you love The Osmonds, I mean truly LOVE them. If you a TRUE Osmond fan? Well? then LET THEM BE! Let them tell all, OR do this,—what—-or when-ever THEY feel comfortable!!!!.

    MORE then A TRUE Fan! ! ! ! !

  23. Linda says:

    It’s not true about Donny not being a Mormon and having a girlfriend and not being married. You all are so gulliblle!!!!!!!!! (even if I can’t spell it) 😀 You believe anything you read. Geez.

  24. Another true fan of The Osmonds says:

    I SO~~~ agree 100% with “More than a fan”!!! I know there is WAY~~~ too much of BS on here to know what is true and what is NOT true, and I totally agree with “more then a fan”. I do NOT care if Donny is married or not, a Mormon or not, has/have a girlfriend or not. I DO NOT CARE!! As to myself, I have been a LO~~~NG time fan!. Rather if ANYONE here believes this or not…I DO NOT CARE!!! Cause I LOVE The Osmonds for WHO and for WHAT THEY ARE!!! I am NOT Gullible. And I really do NOT believe in EVERYTHING I see and read on the internet. I only believe this: LET THEM come out with these “secrets” EVERYTHING HAS A REASON! Rather we agree on / with this or not! LET THEM BE! Let them tell all, OR do this,—what—-or when-ever THEY feel comfortable!!!!.
    And I am leaving it at that!!

  25. Cathy says:

    Which newspaper had the article about Donny & Debbie possibly breaking up & what was the ‘surprising reason’? Also why does everyone think they’re not Mormons?

  26. WHO CARES?!!! says:

    WHOOO CARES?!!!. Fans? Like? leave them alone! Leave The Osmonds ALONE!. Everyone has a “Skelton in their closet”. WHO CARES?! Mormon or not? married or not? girlfriend or not? WHATEVERRRRRR!!!!. I , myself agree with “More The a TRUE fan” and I also love The Osmonds!. Tina OR WHOMEVER posted that comment should be ASHAMED of her or himself. Celebs have their own “secrets” I do not care! In time? I am sure they will be ALL revealed! Until then?………….WHO CARES?!!.

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