Baltimore 2009 105

It took me a while to warm up to Baltimore. For the longest time I found myself there in the winter months when it’s cold and overcast. But through the years, it has slowly warmed up to me and now I have several reasons to enjoy my visits there…with the most obvious being the crabcakes! To be be perfectly honest, I usually stay right near the heart of all the activity near the Harbor. There is shopping and lots of places to eat down there. Plus you have the beauty of the water and the multiple docked ships that are all a part of the tourism of Charm City. There are also many cool museums and a plethora of places to walk to. Here are some pictures of my most recent visits. If I could recommend it, visit during the fall. I realize it’s not “crab season”, but the trees are changing and the cool weather make Baltimore a fantastic place to just hang out and enjoy it’s many charms…

One of the many naval ships on display

Baltimore 2009 058
And another…

Baltimore 2009 060
Aaaaaaand a submarine

Baltimore 2009 084
The walk up Federal Hill ain’t easy…

Baltimore 2009 100
But it IS quite beautiful from up there!

Baltimore 2009 102

Baltimore 2009 104
The Harbor is beautiful…

especially in the fall.

Baltimore 2009 065
There are many museums & places of interest



Baltimore 2009 071
Mo’s has crabcakes the size of your head!

Aaaaaaand Baltimore brewed…
Baltimore 2009 076

Also home of  the Bengals division rivals…the Ravens!


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5 Responses to Baltimore

  1. Thanks for the tour and for the eye-opener. I have always had the opinion of Baltimore as being sort of seedy and dirty. Don’t know why! Thanks for changing that opinion:)

  2. kat says:

    nice pic alan!

  3. You really do have an amazing job that takes you all over. Count your blessings and thanks for sharing the tours with us.

  4. WHY don’t you ever take me on these trips! I can blog about them too! 🙂

  5. mom says:

    Are they the same “Ravens”who used to be the Cleveland Browns? Boooo Ravens!!! GoBengals!!! Just thought I’d say that!!! Love….mom Oh, yes—once again great pictures. I would like to tour the eastern seaboard. Now I won’t have to If they have a lighthouse, send me a picture, okay? Love again….mom

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