night of the comet zombie
I KNOW my zombie movies and this guy is NOT in “Night of the Living Dead”

In Entertainment Weekly this week there is a big article counting down from A to Z all you could ever want to know about zombie flicks. My wife was paging through it last night and we got into a discussion about zombie movies. Steph isn’t a big zombie film buff. As a matter of fact, she says she’s only seen 1 zombie ever in her lifetime and that one was the one where they are trapped in a mall.

Me: “Dawn Of The Dead.”

Her: “No. That’s not it. Maybe ‘Night of the Living Dead’?”

Me: “No. That was the original shot in black & white back in the 60’s.”

Her: “Yeah…the one I’ve seen was from the 80’s.”

Me: “If it was shot in a mall, then it was ‘Dawn of the Dead.’ They made another one a few years ago.”

Her: “I don’t think that is it. You got your IPhone? Check it out on the internet.”

Me: “Look…I know zombie movies and ‘Dawn of the Dead’ was set in a mall. It was shot in Pennsylvania somewhere back in the late 70’s. I don’t know where the latest one was shot but I do know that it was set in a mall and all the cast was running from zombies. Did the zombies run in the one you saw?”

Her: “No. Well…I don’t know. But I don’t think it was ‘Dawn of the Dead.'”

Me: *sigh* “Then I dunno…”

Her: “Wait! It was called ‘Night of the Comet!’ That’s it! There were 2 girls and they were shopping at the mall and zombie guys captured them.”

Me: “Uh…yeah…”Night of the Comet” is one of my favorite movies of all-time. Did you know that?”

Her: “Nope. I thought it was ‘Grosse Pointe Blank.”

Me: “Well yeah…that’s true. But ‘Night of the Comet’ is my all-time favorite B-movie from the 80’s. That scene, where they are running from the zombies at the mall? There is a song playing in the background that I’ve been trying to find for years. It’s called “Eyes On You”. Can’t find it anywhere.

Her: “You actually remember the song that is playing in that one scene?”

Me: “Yep. Wanna hear the song that is playing in the end credits? I have it on my IPhone…”

Her: “You are such a geek…”

The End

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4 Responses to BRAINZ…!!!

  1. Badass Geek says:

    If I had a dollar for every time my wife told me that I’m such a geek, well, we wouldn’t be driving used cars.

  2. mom says:

    You and Steph are too funny!! I didn’t even know Steph was into movies like you. I couldn’t tell you what I saw last week let alone in 1980!!! And name the music… are such a geek!!! Love….mom

  3. ha ha ahhhh true love…. 😉

  4. kat says:

    love that mom called you a geek, geek 🙂

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