In My Lifetime…The Dunk


I’m starting another series called “In My Lifetime” that will feature people, places & things that I remember from my past. And we begin this series with a memory I have from years ago…1993 actually…of a slam dunk. Because I have been a huge basketball fan all my life, I figure this is appropriate. And it’s not a dunk that most will remember. It’s not Jordan or Kobe or LeBron or Magic or Dr. J. It’s 6’5″ John Starks. And he was going against the mighty Bulls in the 1993 NBA Playoffs. Do you remember this? Left-handed OVER Jordan. So awesome…and I don’t even really LIKE John Starks or the Knicks…and I was rooting for the Bulls.

Well…it was either that or the one time I was playing around in our high school gym and I dunked a softball. The ONLY time in my life I ever got close to dunking anything. And it only happened twice that day. Must have had my Wheaties for breakfast or something. So YOU pick…John Starks over Michael Jordan? Or Alan in the gym dunking a softball (no video available on YouTube. Sorry…). Easy choice…right?

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2 Responses to In My Lifetime…The Dunk

  1. mom says:

    One vote for………….ALAN with a softball. Although I like Mike and I also like LeBron. Love…….mom

  2. Morgan Raider says:

    Over Jordan? Jordan couldn’t be any more “weak side.” The best he can be expected to do is to get into the picture frame. lol.

    Terrible defense on the pick from the two strong side players.

    I vote Alan and softball. 🙂

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