In My Lifetime…My Brother

October 2009 144

There are so many ways I could go with this new category of mine. So many memories, places, people. Obviously I have to start somewhere when it comes to my siblings and so I figured I will start with one of my best friends who also happens to be my brother. Frank is 10 years younger than I, but oddly enough he appears to be at least 5 years older than me. Many say we look alike but I quickly remind them that I am adopted and so THAT theory goes away quickly. But truth be told, we DO have similarities and they make our brotherly relationship so much better.

First off, we both love movies. We both like to golf. We both have great families. Frank is handy around the house. I am handy with a mouse. There are many other things that I enjoy about having Frank as my brother, but of all the things that are awesome, his sense of humor is his greatest attribute. There is no one on this planet who makes me laugh like he does and whenever we get together, there are so many stories and things to talk about. It makes going home to visit one of my favorite things to do. Well…that and seeing my Mom. But that’s a blog for another day. So here are a couple of memories I have of Frank. Let’s see if he remember these…

1. When I conked him on the head with my class ring for being obnoxious in the backseat of my VW. After I did it, I felt so guilty and he was bawling. Not one of my brighter moments. And he’s been looking for revenge ever since…

2. The day he beat me playing basketball. He hit a shot falling out of bounds at our parents’ house. It was his lucky day. And it’s only happened ONCE in his lifetime (even though he’ll say twice. But the 2nd time was on a rim lowered to 6 feet. That’s bullcrap Frank! You KNOW that’s bullcrap!).

3. Beating him on the final hole at the golf outing before my wedding. He might say he LET me win that hole (NOT the entire round…just THAT hole) but I was there and I beat him on a great putt from about 20 feet away (well…that’s how I remember it and it WAS my wedding day!).

4. When he stayed at our house for a couple days and helped me tear up the kitchen floor and put down new tiles. Like I said…he’s handy. I am not. And that is why HE did most of the work. But I did SOME of it. Just not the bulk of it. And then we forgot to seal it and it looked like crap and my wife was SO happy. But whatever…it was fun being with him for a few days.

5. Just about anytime we go to the movies. And there have been hundreds. But he always reminds me of the time I snuck him in to see “Die Hard”. I honestly don’t remember doing it, but I’m sure I did. And I’m sure it was awesome!

My bro is cool. And I love him. And I am proud of him. Recently he quit smoking and has taken up running. He’s getting back into shape and he & his wife have a new baby girl and their son AJ, who is gonna be a lot smarter than his daddy. So my brother is awesome and he’s one of the few people I rely on to keep my head on straight. Thanks Frank for being so cool.

Okay…that’s over. Now can I have my putter back?

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6 Responses to In My Lifetime…My Brother

  1. Amber says:

    I have to say, if I wrote a family blog I would write about Frank, too. He’s been my best friend my whole life… except for Chris and Erik of course.

  2. I tied my little brother to the stair railing because he would not stop whatever it was that he was doing. He brings that up every chance he gets!

  3. fjl21 says:

    1) My revenge was given a few weeks back, I paid a barber to recomend a haircut named “The Princeton” to you.
    2) The fade away jumpshot kept Patrick Ewing in business for years and inspired my game winning shot. also, the 6 foot rim was at YOUR house! Your court, my W.
    3) You did have a great day, didn’t you? Lucked out with the putt and then married the gal of your dreams.
    4) I thought you were going to mention the “Yeah, it’s ok to smoke here” incident at your apatment. Whew, tile floor – cool.
    5) No matter how God awful the film is, it is always a blast to see it with you brother!

    We are lucky to come from a good family and to have created good families of our own. I only hope my kids can have the love for each other as we do with our siblings. But if AJ ever smacks Allison with a damn class ring……….

  4. mandy says:

    Frank’s response to #1 is priceless!!! Um, not that there’s anything wrong with your haircut Alan. Sorry.

    We do have a great family, and Frank is absolutely awesome. Always classic in photos too, whether he’s being a goof or relaxing on the golfcourse. Great blog Alan!

  5. mom says:

    THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. I think you are all great, too. God blessed dad and me, and the blessing just keep coming. (at least 10 more since you kids!!) Glad you love one another sooooo much. Love………your mom

  6. ruth ann says:

    OK CRYING NOW LOL Everyone get to fl to visit!!!!

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