Picture Of The Day_10.21.09

October 2009 376

October 2009 377

October 2009 378
Deer Walking Down Our Street this Morning

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5 Responses to Picture Of The Day_10.21.09

  1. We sometimes see deer on our street as well, and there’s even a deer crossing sign. I always love pictures like this, They’re so cool.

  2. That’s awesome. We get deer here in my little canyon too. I never tire of seeing them. I get excited every single time!

  3. ruth ann says:

    Hey, that looks like mom and dads front yard lol!!!

  4. mom says:

    Yeah, mom and dad’s front yard with no flowers!!! Five hundred (500) tulip bulbs—GONE!!! Mandy’s and my labor…..GONE. I was shooting the deer with paint balls to get them to stay away. They LIKE paint balls!!! They like everything in my yard. Go away deer. Go to Alan’s house!!! Serious!!! Love….mom

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