Football Finale

October 2009 340
A Long Season Ends

The past couple of days, we sat through gorgeous fall temperatures to watch Christopher play in his final 2 football games of the season. The first round his team didn’t play very well and they lost, so the next day they played for 3rd place in their league. They ended up winning that game 22-6 and Christopher had a touchdown and a few tackles. Here are some photos from the games!

October 2009 333
Christopher got to ride WITH the police escort!

October 2009 308
The Pee Wees cheered the Starters as we headed to the game

October 2009 330

October 2009 351

October 2009 354
The Run On

October 2009 357

October 2009 348
It was a beautiful night for a game

October 2009 346
The cheering section

October 2009 374
All Done

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2 Responses to Football Finale

  1. I’m going to a BIG football game this afternoon … my son’s high school is playing a big rival. It’s his first game back since having H1N1 so I hope he plays well. We won’t be done with football till right before Thanksgiving.

  2. Daniel says:

    Awesome pics ! You guys are so cute !!! 🙂

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