In My Lifetime…My Mom


Is there anyone more influential in a child’s life than his mother? I think not. And that definitely holds true for me also. A little over 41 years ago, my Mom & Dad adopted me from an adoption agency (no…I wasn’t delivered by raccoon) and I would like to believe that my parents have never regretted that day. If there is one person in my life who has seen me at my best and at my worst, in my best times & in my worst times, it’s my Mom. She has always been my rock, the person I can go to if I ever need a guiding voice. She has seen me through my teenage years when I was gawky and full of teen angst. She has seen me when I’ve been down on myself and when I’m so high I appear cocky. She has seen me get married twice and had one fall to pieces. And she has seen me as a parent, still trying to figure out how to raise two children in a world that is so different from when I was a kid. There are many things to love about my Mom, but the most obvious one is that she loves me…unconditionally. And that is what makes her the most important person in my life.

Today is my Mom’s birthday. 13 years ago she suffered an aneurism. I thought before that incident that she was an amazing woman. And 13 years after, she has shown me how resilient and how spectacular of a person she truly is. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my Mom…and I love her more today than I ever have because now I see how hard she worked to raise me and it was she that made me the kind of person that I am.

Thanks Mom…for everything. I Love You and Happy Birthday!

Your son,


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5 Responses to In My Lifetime…My Mom

  1. mom says:

    About the Boston Creme Pie: If your pie doesn’t slide before serving…’s out of a box. Love you much….mom

  2. Frank says:

    It was a great pie! Poor Chris missed out though:(
    Happy birthday mama!!!!

  3. kat says:

    Happy Birthday Mom!!!! (it really was a reeeeaallllyyyy good pie)

  4. You always say such great things about your mom, I can tell you love and appreciate her. You are a lucky boy.

  5. Morgan Raider says:

    Happy belated B-day Alan’s Mom!

    (By the way…I know him as Alan, not “Al”.)

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