Happy Halloween 2009

October 2009 163

Halloween is always a fun night on our street and this year was no exception. We even managed to hit another street other than our own! Both kids practically RAN from house to house, however once Ava’s bag started getting heavy, she slowed down a bit. Here are some photos from the night’s activities. And yes…that IS me in the clown wig. I kinda like it. Maybe that will be my next style! Once my hair grows back, that is…

October 2009 152
Gladiator & a Pumpkin Princess

October 2009 176
Grab a handful!

October 2009 179

October 2009 207

October 2009 205
Is anybody home?

October 2009 221
I knew EVERY piece of candy that Ava got all night long…

October 2009 253

October 2009 257

Hope you had an awesome Halloween!!!

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4 Responses to Happy Halloween 2009

  1. Daniel says:

    You guys ROCK. Happy Halloween !!!

  2. Badass Geek says:

    That settles it. I’m coming to your house next year for Halloween. You guys looked like you had a blast!

  3. I can’t really post my niece’s pics on my blog, but they were the little mermaid and batman. They had a great time too, but it was just too cold for this old broad.

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