Guilty Pleasures: Bejeweled 2


On my IPhone, there is one game that gets more attention than all the others (and I have a boatload of ’em) and that is “Bejeweled 2.” I fell in love with this little game on my Palm years ago, but on the IPhone, it has gone to a whole new level.

If you have never played “Bejeweled”, then the basic play is this…you have to get 3 diamonds in a row. 4 in a row gets you more points and the jewel is capable of exploding, giving you even MORE points. And 5 in a row gets you the super-cool exploding jewel that will destroy whatever kind of diamond you swap it with. Anyway…that’s not all you get with this little gem of a game. You also get cool, futuristic locations as the backgrounds and a nifty soundtrack that reminds me of the music that plays in those space rides down in EPCOT Center.

Created by Pop Cap, “Bejeweled” is easily my favorite videogame for my IPhone and has been one of my trusty companions on those long flights or even when I’m just hanging out at home with a few minutes of time to pass. So if you have an IPhone or an ITouch or even if you have a Palm or probably they even have it for the Blackberry…whatever you have, get yourself “Bejeweled 2” and be ready to have yourself a little mindless fun. Because what’s life withour mindless fun…right?

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2 Responses to Guilty Pleasures: Bejeweled 2

  1. I see what’s going on here. I don’t come around for a while so you just goof off and play games on your phone. tsk tsk. Must be nice to even HAVE free time!! *wink*

    Actually I use to be a Bejeweled addict but went through the 1 step program and deleted it off my phone. Problem solved….uhm…except now I’m addicted to Fling. ugh…..

  2. Tiffany says:

    I swear, any game PopCap makes is the gaming equivalent of crack. Have you ever tried Plants Vs. Zombies? Completely addicting, and cute to boot!

    I haven’t. But I will now!

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