What The Heck…Taylor Swift?

Watching the AMA’s the other night and there were all of these horrendous performances and dancers flying everywhere and artists that looked orange and were setting stuff on fire and then…out of nowhere…a little bird fluttered in and stole the entire freakin’ show. Just like she did the MTV Music Awards and the CMA’s and just about anything else she does. Taylor Swift has this country by the neck and is…not…letting….GO!

Look…I’m not a Taylor Swift hater. Honestly…I don’t know anything about her really other than she is SUPER popular and Kanye West obviously hates her videos. Other than that, I don’t own any of her songs and I know only what I hear about her on television or on the internet. I’m an old guy who loves rock n’ roll. But you know what she DOES have that appeals to an old fart like me who has been taking some serious crap from Lady GagGag fans? She is modest and unassuming and about as nice a young woman as you’ll ever find. And I find THAT to be appealing in pop music these days. And apparently so do many others.

Like I said…I don’t know much about her but what I have seen of her I like more and more. She comes across as a normal, everyday person who is working hard to get her music out there. She seems like she is very appreciative of her fan base. And, as far as I know, she has never lit her instruments on fire, worn a balloon costume or an owl costume or or a Kermit the Frog costume. I don’t think she’s ever hung herself onstage while dripping in blood…but I’d have to look that up. I’ve never seen her in a dominatrix suit, never seen her hump a dancer onstage or have pyrotechnics flare out of her bra. I’d even go so far as to say that she has never had to hide her true self behind anything other than her music.

 As a matter of fact, it seems to me that Taylor Swift has gotten so many accolades mostly due to the fact that she WRITES AND PERFORMS the kind of music that many people can appreciate. Doesn’t matter whether you like country music or not, Taylor Swift comes across as a class act and that says something in this day & age. “Class” is something that this generation of pop musicians have forgotten. Nowadays it’s all about who can top the other and that was painfully obvious in last night’s AMA performances. The music was below average and every artist was either lip-synching or those who chose to sing sounded out of key. It was horrendous trying to watch some of those guys onstage! And then Taylor Swift won “Artist of the Year” and I felt a little vindication. Sure…Kings Of Leon didn’t win (my choice). But neither did the spectacle known as Gaga or Michael Jackson, who hasn’t had a new album in forever or Eminem, whose latest album is all about drug rehab.

So I’m just gonna leave it at that. Even though I don’t know if I consider her to be the greatest artist out there right now (I’ll leave that one up for discussion), what I WILL say is that Swift appears to be in a class all by herself when it comes to knowing her fan base and her age group . With her, you get what she gives you…and that is pop-country music that is heartfelt and personal. And THAT, my friends, is quality music, no matter whether it appeals to you or not. It’s what music is all about. And sooner or later, the Gaga’s will disappear (they always do) and the musicians will remain.

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14 Responses to What The Heck…Taylor Swift?

  1. mom says:

    The writer that you are!!!! Well said! You are very well-rounded in your music. I wish all people could listen to music, no matter what genre, and appreciate it. Too late we become old and fixed on what we grew up with. There is a whole world of music out there. Listen!!! Love!!! Just sayin’ ……..mom

  2. Blah la Blah says:

    I don’t much about her either. But I totally agree.

  3. Rusty says:

    So much of today’s music is about style over substance, so there’s a good deal of fluff to have to sift through. It’s nice that Swift isn’t caught up in the machine. Built to Spill is showing real promise. Watch for them to shine, even if it’s not in the limelight. Jets Overhead is worth notice too. And Bon Jovi’s latest offering is surprisingly good and original. I’ll have to check out your recommendation of Foreigner, and I’ve still got Porcupine Dream, Son Volt, Dream Theater and Pearl Jam to sample.

  4. Ditto…

    I know very little about her, but everything I’ve seen and heard I enjoy. My wife knows more about her than I and will always say “You liked that? that was Taylor Swift!”… to which I respond “Who is she again?”

    Singer, songwriter & performer. I respect that in today’s world of “just add looks” pop-stars. Sounds like the female Neil Diamond to me and Neil rocks!


  5. I am not big into her either, but I think you are dead on…

  6. jmoser says:

    I am a country fan and very much enjoy Taylor and I agree that Taylor is the real deal here, however I must also add that ms. GAGA even being only a pop star has added a new twist to the elctro/pop mix. Her voice is actually very good in a live setting, which in this day and age is hard to find, and her sex appeal in a morbid/bizaar kind of way is refreshing…

    Please feel free to counter this, and I am by no means saying that Lady gaga will last forever, but my gut tells me that with todays ever changing pop groupings that we will continue to see her for a good few years to come…

    Possibly. Who knows. Or cares, really…

  7. MandiPanda says:

    I have read both your post about Lady Gaga and this one about Taylor Swift and I have to say, while I don’t agree with ALL that you have to say, I do agree with a majority of it. I do like Lady Gaga’s Songs, though she herself seems to be a very odd individual. That “I want your love” song that she has is, honestly, just terrible. And “Just Dance,” catchy as it is, is about getting so blasted drunk at a club that you can’t remember where you are, where your stuff is, but Oh well, I’m just gonna dance! Wow… that’s pretty sad. Oh, and “Disco Stick” …..ew? I wanna take a ride on your disco stick? That is just gross to sing about wanting to sleep with someone. So, okay, on thinking about it I don’t like her as much as I thought, Haha, but I do like SOME of her songs.
    ANYWAY, As far as Taylor Swift goes, I LOVE her. She is an AMAZING artist, down to earth, sweet, and gorgeous. She has a beautiful personality and I have NEVER ONCE had a problem with any of her songs. She is one of my favorite artists and I love all of her songs.
    And lastly, you are very right on the fact that you have your opinion and other people have theirs. The fact that so many people have had such a horrible reaction to your PERSONAL OPINION is astonishing. It just goes to show that anyone who says “get a life” really has none of their own. Do people really have nothing better to do that to defend a female “artist” who can’t find anything better to sing about than “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick?” Come on. If you like her music, great. If not, cool. Everyone has different opinions and tastes. That is life. Get on with it, and get over it.

  8. Alyssa says:

    She is probably one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Seriously. I met her back in 2007, when she wasn’t very popular, and then again in 2008, when her international stardom was about to hit. She was so down-to-earth, and didn’t act like she was famous at all, she acted like a normal, kind, teenage girl. Because that’s exactly what she is: a normal, kind, teenage girl…who happens to play the guitar and write her own songs and perform in stadiums every night. Taylor is amazing, and that’s all I have to say.

  9. Aaron says:

    I totally agree but Eminem does have SOME good songs you have to admit. Also i would just like to let you have another insult to lady gaga as i quote from an interview i saw on youtube “So Miss Gaga what would you look for in a man.” then she replied with somthing i found rather inappropriate….. “A Big Dick” Well shows she is really interested in a relationship doesnt it? just thought id give another thing to fuel your fire agaisnt her xD.

  10. lynn says:

    Dead on.
    Like you, i don’t know much about Taylor Swift either.
    & i’m not much into country but every song she’s made so far has captured my attention.
    She’s classy, polite and she really cares about her music. She is a normal person and she acts like one.
    I can’t help but like her 🙂

    I’ve read the one about lady gaga and i agree with some things. In my opinion, her lyrics ARE pretty awful. Catchy… but awful. But i do like her for her ‘unique’ style. She wears clothes that are extremely bizarre and makes unique videos that other artists haven’t done.. (as far as i know-i haven’t seen any vids like hers). But i do feel like she should be more passionate about what she’s doing… it’s like she only does her music for the popularity and fame.. & i think that’s pretty sad since music IS important.

    I would still choose taylor swift over gaga anytime lol
    lady gaga isn’t a very good model overall.

    -you’re a very good writer and you know what you’re talking about. Very well opinionated.
    I don’t often comment on these things but i felt the need to agree and give my opinion lol
    thank you 🙂

  11. beth says:

    Uhm, I’m bad at writing comments.

    But yeah. I agree with what you said about both Swift and Gaga. =)

    You’ve very well spoken.

  12. JJ says:

    I really believe that Taylor Swift is a great artist and down-to-earth. I agree with what you wrote, but I know her a bit better-I listen to her songs regularly.

    On another note, I like how you called her “Swift” – not “Taylor”.
    I don’t know why, but i just feel weird calling people by their first names, and so whenever I talk about Taylor Swift I usually write/say her full name (like I just did :D)

    Back on topic, I really like your ideas in this article – that Taylor Swift has class, something that some musicians these days are painfully lacking.

    And I like your writing too – I read the Lady GaGa article, and I like how you didn’t bash her – just voiced your opinions. Like this article, you didn’t say “OMG SHE’S A GODDESS” you just voiced your opinions. I like you and your writing style. 🙂

  13. a girl says:

    Gaga is a temporary attraction of the music industry.
    Michael Jackson is dead and dead ppl do not produce any music.
    and what about Justin Bieber? he’s the newest attraction — well, imao the newest, gayest and stupidest new “sensation”. all he sings about is the girls!
    PS boy u need to update your information!

    1. Agreed.
    2. Dead people DO produce music. Ask Elvis and 2Pac.
    3. Justin Beiber is for 12 year old girls. And I’m okay with that.
    4. Yes I do. I wrote this over a year ago. lol

  14. Angela says:

    I love Taylor Swift. She is gorgeous! Too many women in the performing world are taking their natural beauty and covering it with ridiculous costumes, awful makeup, outrageous clothing, nearly no clothing, etc, etc, blah blah blah. Taylor is beautiful and lets it shine naturally. Right now she is one of the few young women that I consider a good role model for teenagers.

    Also, her opening to SNL was so FUNNY: http://www.hulu.com/watch/107502/saturday-night-live-taylor-swift-monologue

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