What The Heck…Buffalo Wings?

Here in tropical Buffalo (38 degrees and cloudy. Nice…), they love to toot their horn about being the home of the wild wing. The “Buffalo Wild Wing” was apparently discovered in 1964 by the lovely & talented Teressa Bellissimo for her son & his buddies. As the legend goes, her son, Dominic, was hungry so she took some chicken parts that usually went into soup, fried ’em up and then dumped some hot sauce on them. Voila! Hot wings were founded.

And they are, without question, very good.

But now…my question. I realize that New Yorkers will argue that they have the best pizza in the world, and Cincinnati will claim to have the best chili, and Memphis/Nashville/Kansas City/Houston/”American city of your choice” will claim to have the best BBQ…and so on and so forth. But seriously…hot wings are hot wings…right? I mean, it’s chicken parts fried and drenched with hot sauce, right? How much better can it possibly be?

So the original hot wing was made at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY. Beyond that…I can’t imagine that ANYONE can say they have the best hot wing in the country because aren’t they all basically made the same? What would make a better hot wing? Someone leaves them in the fryer longer? Maybe a hotter, wetter sauce? Whatever…

Hot wings are hot wings. You might have a restaurant that you prefer to frequent, but there’s no way any one is better than the other. Except at Hooters. Obviously THOSE hot wings are better for a reason. Right guys?

The WINGS are the reason we go!

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