Konversations With Kids: And That’s What It’s All About

Christopher is required to read 20 minutes a day. It’s part of his homework assignment. So today he was reading and proudly proclaimed, “There are 175 pages in this book and I’ve read 155 of them! I’m gonna be done soon!”

To which I replied, “So…what’s it all about?”

And then it went like this…

Christopher: “Uh…it’s kinda hard to explain.”

Me: “Really? Because you only have 20 pages left. I would hope you could remember SOMETHING about it.”

Christopher: “Mmmmm…(flips open book and starts flipping pages)….okay…well…the boy and his dad go camping and they are all, like, out in the woods and stuff and then they go back home and his friends all want to know what happened so he tells them that they were attacked by a bear and then he goes to school and a guy says he’s gonna beat him up but really he doesn’t but he just said he was going to and so then, when they are having lunch, the boy tells his friend that he can have his milk but then the schoolbell rings and they have to go to class and the boy forgot his homewrok because they were camping and so the teacher told him if he didn’t get a good grade he wouldn’t pass the test or something like that so then they went to gym and they did the hokey-pokey and the boy was doing it really good and he ended up winning the contest and then after school he saw that guy who was gonna beat him up and so he ran but the guy ran after him but the teacher saw them and so he acted all nice and stuff and then he went home and told his dad but his dad was cooking and so he told his mom and his mom told him to tell the teacher everything and so he said he would.”

Me: “……………………………..” (staring at him)

Christopher: “Sounds good, right?”

Me: “Uh….yep.”

Christopher: “So…how much longer do I have to read?”

Me: “Yeah…I think you’re done. Why don’t you go play over at the neighbor’s house?”

The End

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4 Responses to Konversations With Kids: And That’s What It’s All About

  1. See that’s what you get for asking questions. Amateur.

  2. Badass Geek says:

    Reading? Like an actual book? With pages?

  3. oh, and… **clap**clap

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