Top 10 Reasons I Love My IPhone

My wife calls it my “girlfriend”. I call it the greatest invention since the Egg McMuffin. It is, quite literally, the best Christmas gift you can possibly give. And here are the 10 reasons why…

10. The Camera
I used to lug my camera everywhere. Yes, the camera took 10 migapixel shots, but how often did I really need a picture that big when shooting my daughter in the backyard? 3 migs is good enough for me and perfect for uploading to Facebook.

9. Facebook & Twitter
Oh the wonders of FB. Through this amazing network, all of my friends (and some I don’t even know) can see my status updates & pictures & stuff. The Facebook app is my favorite networking app, but I also enjoy Le Twitter to chat with friends all over the world!

8. My Calendar
Seriously, if I didn’t have it, I would be lost. I can’t keep track where or what I’m doing today, let alone next week. And you’d be surprised at how often I’m asked, “So…what are ya doing next week?”

7. AOL Radio
When I feel the urge, I fire this little radio app up and TA-DA! Instant radio! And not crappy, FM radio either. It’s really great radio and I can pick whichever format I choose. So a little ambiant to wind me down, a little alternative rock to pick me up, and a little R&B to get me ready for a night out. You name it, AOL Radio has it.

6. Sportacular
Need a score? Got it. Need a player’s stats? Got it. Need a schedule? Got it. Anything you might need for a sports fan, Sportacular has it. I’m sure there are a gazillion apps out there for sports, but it’s my favorite.

5. Tipulator
I am terrible about tipping. Not because I’m cheap (which I am, but it has nothing to do with tipping), but because I’m terrible at figuring out how much someone deserves after serving me food/beer/lapdances (JUST KIDDING HONEY!). It is a valuable commodity also when eating out with friends and trying to tip on a split bill.

4. Movies On The “Big Screen”
The screen size of the IPhone is nice simply because when I watch movies or tv shows on it, I don’t have to squint. It’s large enough that can set it down on the plane and watch it without getting a headache.

3. The IPod
Yes…I own an Ipod. Yes…having my music on my IPhone is no different than the IPod. But its one less thing I have to cart around. And for me, that is important.

2. Bejeweled 2
My favorite game and I have wasted many an hour at the airport, on a plane or in my hotel room playing this simple game. It’s my app to pass the time and I use it probably once every day.

1. The Internet
Where would we be without it? Good question. And with my IPhone I can be on it 24 hours a day. Need to check email? No problem. Need to find a movie theatre? Google Maps. Need to find a movie time? Moviefone. Need to find a place to eat before? Urbanspoon. There are so many applications that run from the internet that without it it’s kind of useless. So having it available whenever I need it is one of the true blessings of technology. And the 3G network thing is not so bad!

There are truly a hundred other things I love about the IPhone. Recently I downloaded a video editing program called “ReelDirector” that is supposed to be cool. And there is also the “Texts From Last Night” app which is hysterical! And the various educational apps I have downloaded so I don’t sound like an idiot when my daughter asks me which planet is the 6th farthest from the sun. I also have 2 fitness apps, Photoshop to tweek my pictures, “Shazam” for when I hear a song in a store and want to know who sings it, my RSS Reader for when my friends update their blogs, “Concerts” to find out where U2 will be playing next, etc, etc….

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4 Responses to Top 10 Reasons I Love My IPhone

  1. Badass Geek says:

    I would love an iPhone, if it only wasn’t for the network. AT&T gets really crappy service up here.

  2. I couldn’t live without my iPhone now. I love mine too

  3. Cobalt says:

    Hm, the iPhone is tempting, yes, but there’s always the age-old question I must ask myself:

    iPhone…or BlackBerry?

    I can’t speak for the BB…but I freaking LOVE my IPhone…

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