Las Vegas, NV

I am not one to gamble my money away, so in that regard, Vegas doesn’t exactly sound like the best place for a weekend getaway. But the fact of the matter is…Vegas has a little something for everyone! When I went with a group of buddies for a “Boys Weekend” (yes…we do them to girls…), I was surprised at how much there is to do in Sin City. From all the shows to walking the Strip to people watching to just hanging out and having a few beers and relaxing, Vegas was a great retreat for a few days and I definitely had a great time!

The first thing you notice when you arrive at the Vegas airport is the proximity to the city (well…that and the slot machines). The airport is literally right downtown and it makes for a short cab ride to whatever you are crashing. Once you arrive at your hotel though, you won’t be spending much time there so I recommend finding a decent price on a room because, quite frankly, you’re gonna be pretty busy in Vegas.

It doesn’t matter which casino you choose, you’re always gonna have someone telling you that “the slots are loose here” or “the cards or stacked there.” Honestly, I don’t gamble much but the little I DID do (betting on basketball games, pai gow poker) I had a great time! I really enjoy visiting the Sports Book sites at a lot of the casinos and the dealers at the Mirage were very nice and ¬†patient considering I had never played pai gow. My buddy & I spent about 3 hours hanging out, drinking the free drinks and just enjoying the time at the table. It’s a great way to meet people and everyone was in a good mood (even when I lost $150…at pai gow?!?)

So many games…so little time…

8 outta 10 ain’t bad!

If you are like me and not much of a gambler, there are so many other things to do! There’s shopping and amusement rides at a few of the hotels (Circus, Circus & New York, New York both have roller coasters) and there are all kinds of shows to fit your taste. If you like amazing acrobatics, there are a few different cirque du soleil shows. If you like comedy, there are hundreds of comedy shows. If you like burlesque, I HEAR there are a few of those shows also. In our case, we had freebie tickets to see “The Todd Paul Show” at the Hooters Hotel. Funny guy, got a few things up his sleeve and very personable. I wouldn’t say he’s the most polished act in Vegas, but I certainly appreciated his humor and he seemed like a dude I would drink beers with. Especially when he climbed up on his unicycle and looked down the shirt of a girl in the front row (and THAT is why you NEVER sit in the front row ladies!).

Don’t worry folks…Todd has done this before!

Another thing to love about Vegas are the number of great places to eat! If you are like me and have a healthy appetite, you have gourmet chefs galore and buffets and just hundreds of places to belly up and get yourself some good eatins. I wish I could recommend some of them but honestly I ate at the MGM buffet 2 mornings and then we ate at a couple of places that I don’t recall the names. But trust me…I’m sure you have plenty of friends who will recommend a couple dozen places if you ask. I know I did!

A coffee mocha milkshake = Mmmm Mmmm good!

Don’t miss the watershow at the Bellagio!

The only issue I would have with taking my kids to Vegas is the amount of skin being shown. Being a hot-blooded American male, I didn’t mind the flyers and billboards and such, but I can’t imagine what my 2 kids would think if we were walking along and some strange guy hands me a bunch of flyers advertising “escort” services that have nude women on them. But, seeing as how I was with my friends, we took them and laughed at how we figured the women you actually got to show up if you were to ever call one of those places probably have 3 teeth and lots of layers (if ya know what I mean).

I bet they don’t look like that…

So Vegas is a playland for adults. I’m thinking 4 days max is more than enough for me, but that’s because I don’t gamble. If you are a gambler, count on maybe a week or at least until you’re broke. And depending on how good you are, you might want to think about an early flight home after 3 days…

Me and my new friends

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  1. I have the same take on Vegas. We were there for 3 night which was plenty for me since I don’t gamble. Well, I gamble. I’m just a loser so my gambling $$ is gone pretty quick. But even still, there is plenty of fun to be had!! And now I have to return because I totally need a pic like that last one:)

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